Doc in the D discloses e-reader favorites and more

Dr. John Popovich relaxes with a good book – on his e-reader.

Reading is one of my great passions. Next to hitting a small white ball down the middle of a green fairway, it is how I love go to spend my free time. To say my reading inventory is eclectic would be an understatement. I read for pleasure, for fun, for knowledge, for growth.

Electronic readers have enriched my reading experience. I know many of you insist on a paper book, newspaper or pamphlet as the only way reading should be experienced. Don’t get me wrong, there is something comforting about having the Sunday New York Times or Saturday Wall Street Journal in the morning sitting alongside a fresh cup of coffee, but electronic readers have transformed access and accessibility to all forms of literature and news. It is just so easy to acquire new books and the latest papers, whether by purchase or going to the library.

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