The Legends Interviews: Dr. Joseph Hoegler

Henry Ford Hospital President and CEO Dr. John Popovich, Jr. interviews Dr. Joseph Hoegler in the fourth edition of Interviews in Front of the Living Wall: Legends Interviews. In this segment, Dr. Hoegler, a Henry Ford Hospital orthopedic trauma surgeon, reviews advances in trauma and orthopedic medicine.

“The Legends Interviews” segments were filmed in the Henry Ford Hospital Atrium. To view past videos, click the “Legends Interviews” tag at the bottom of this post.

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One thought on “The Legends Interviews: Dr. Joseph Hoegler

  1. Dr. Hoegler is currently taking care of my mom who fell and broke her arm. Even though it wasn’t a “high energy” accident, he always treated my mom and the family with caring and respect. Thanks to Dr. Hoegler, mom is on the mend.

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