My Gift, My Hero

“How do you thank somebody who has saved your life?”

It is a question often contemplated among organ donor recipients.

Many recipients devote their lives to giving back and taking care of their health. Some reach out to the donor family.

While others proudly (and bravely) share their stories, experiences, feelings and even fears as a transplant recipient with their communities to bring about awareness and to honor the individuals and families who made the decision to give the gift of life.

That’s just what members of our Transplant Living Community (TLC) Group at Henry Ford Hospital did recently in the above video shared at our annual Donor Memorial Ceremony which honors the families of organ donors.

TLC is a community comprised of transplant recipients and families who have known and experienced the tribulations of living with life-threatening illness prior to transplant, and have experienced success in the healing period that follows. Their experiences, reflections, and practical tips are helpful and comforting to those just beginning the transplant process.

The group also encourages recipients to make health their No. 1 priority. Something that, frankly, we could all learn from.

TLC has not only given hope and wisdom to countless recipients, but opened the lines of communication between organ donor families and recipients.

I admire and respect these individuals for not only divulging their most personal and vulnerable feelings, but for the work they do daily with TLC.

If you have a personal story with organ donation, or would like to thank those who have given the gift of life, please share your message in the comments section below.  

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3 thoughts on “My Gift, My Hero

  1. My brother in law has suffereed for many many years with liver disease, when a young man (engaged to my great niece) stepped forward and offered half of his healthly liver to his soon to be Great Uncle. The surgery will finally take place in 4 days. The donor is certianly a selfless young man and may his life be blessed forever and ever.
    Great Aunt Val

  2. Wow!! How touching. I know how they feel for I am recent recipient myself. I thank God everyday for the gift I have received. This 39 year old still lives. I don’t really know how to explain this but I feel thier presences. I charish this donar and their family. Thank you for this gift.

  3. This is very touching. I’m a donor mom. My son passed away 5 1/2 yrs ago and I donated his organs. I have been in contact with 1 of the recipients. As a donor mom i’m happy to be in contact with him “joe” and I would love to hear from the other recipients. I had written a letter telling them about their donor.

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