Henry Ford Hospital Gives Thanks

It’s time to call in a refill on that prescription I wrote last Thanksgiving. No, not the one where I encourage extra helpings of turkey and pumpkin pie (though, it’s okay to indulge just for one day).

This prescription is about giving thanks, something that research has shown to have a positive impact on your emotional and physical health.

As you’ll see in this video, many members of our outstanding health care team have already filled the prescription and shared their reasons for being thankful.

So now it’s your turn.

To our team who gives so much each and every day to care for others at Henry Ford, please consider sharing in the comments section below what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.

And let’s not forget the “giving” part of Thanksgiving!

I know that many of you will use your time off work this holiday weekend to give back to the community. I’d love to read about your plans in the comments section.

I’d also like to give a heartfelt “thanks” to everyone on our health care team who will be working over the holiday weekend.  We are so grateful to have you on our team and for all that you give of yourselves to return our patients to good health.

Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving!

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It’s Good for Your Health to Give Thanks, Part II

When I invited you to join my virtual thanksgiving table on Doc in the D, I felt pretty confident that you would provide responses. But I didn’t expect the sheer volume of diverse and positive responses from across the entire Henry Ford Health System.

Giving Thanks 2011

Many of you wrote about your families, both at home and at work; others commented about their health and the gift of life. Several of these posts are featured in a photo slideshow posted above.

(And you can read all of the comments here.) Thank you to all who shared on the blog.

Not only am I thankful for your comments on the blog, but I am thankful for many of the same things you are: family, friends, good health, and the work that we do.

This Thanksgiving, I would like to take note of all the people we serve who would love to be able to do what we do everyday. Our patients are constant reminders of our ability to contribute to the well-being of others.

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A Thanksgiving Rx: It’s Good for Your Health to Give Thanks

Last November, I wrote a Thanksgiving-themed post about the positive impact a grateful and positive attitude can have on one’s emotional and physical health.

So in the spirit of good health, I want to try something a bit different this year on Doc in the D. I would like my 2011 Thanksgiving blog post to be about you, the team of health care workers who give of themselves daily to care for others.

If giving thanks truly is good for your health, it’s something that every CEO should prescribe (especially if he or she is a doctor).

Here’s my Thanksgiving prescription to you:
In the comments section on this page, tell me what you’re thankful for in your life, your career, your families, your friends, or the simple comforts in life.

Think of it as a virtual Thanksgiving table, where we all have a turn to share and give thanks for what makes us happy in life.

During the week of Thanksgiving, I’ll randomly select some of your responses to feature on Doc in the D and the Henry Ford Hospital Facebook page!

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A Message of Thanksgiving

“It turns out, giving thanks is good for your health.”

So starts a Nov. 23, 2010 piece  by columnist Melinda Beck in the Wall Street Journal

She goes on to detail how research demonstrates that being grateful can lead to better emotional, psychological and physical health. 

Additional work being performed on both physical and electronic social networks shows how positive and negative attitudes not only affect an individual, but also affect groups of individuals in similar ways. 

The founder of Henry Ford Hospital talked about wealth in a somewhat different manner than many of us.

“Health is the greatest wealth,” he said. 

Perhaps our greatest wealth might be gratitude and positivity.

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