Day 2: Top 10 List for 2011

The other day, I began my list for the Top 10 issues in health care that I expect to see in 2011.

Today, I’ve added four more items to my list, as well as included links to the items discussed on yesterday’s blog. Again, join in the discussion if you wish to add, delete or create a more specific list of your own.

Top 10 List, Day 2:

1. Fight Over Health Care Reform
2. Transparency: Moving Toward Reporting Performance & Outcomes in Health Care
3. Organized Physician Practices (Can You Say Accountable Care Organizations?)

4. Health Care Amenities. Hospitals and health care facilities are going to increase amenities and improve the service aspects of care. Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital is a great example of providing high-touch, healing surroundings with an emphasis on hiring employees who provide service anticipating patient and family needs.

Most of these amenities are not costly, but require a commitment to assure patient experience is every bit as good as the quality and safe of care provided.

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Day 1: Top 10 Health Care Issues in 2011

Frequently I am asked to name some of the top things I expect to see in health care over the next year. 

I thought it might be a good starting point for me to start the list and see what you think. 

I have to say that my list will be biased related to the immediate issues that The Henry Ford Hospital faces, and I view the list as broadly related to health care. 

I’m going to begin posting my Top 10 for 2011 list today, and continue adding other items to the list throughout the rest of the week.

Join in if you wish to add, delete or create a more specific list of your own, such as the top discoveries or the top trends that you see.

Top 10 List: Day 1

1.     Fight Over Health Care Reform. The politics and positioning may be as interesting to watch as the Super Bowl, but the stakes for all are much higher. Increasing challenges will come from all arenas, including judicial challenges, leading to a possible Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of health reform.

The dominant issue looming is the continued high costs of health care and the national deficit concern. The outcome of health care reform will more likely be predicated on finances and health care expense, competing priorities with other social programs, and state budgets and entitlements.

Best advice on how to individually deal with health care reform: Commit to staying as healthy as possible. If you are a health care worker, commit to being a solution to the high cost of health care.

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