Walk Down Memory Lane

I have been fortunate enough to walk in the shoes of some of our outstanding employees, and as a result, have gotten to know many of them.

During my most recent Walk in My Shoes experience, I was able to visit an old friend and colleague, O’Neal Sanders.

O’Neal is a respiratory therapist with 40 years of experience and knowledge at Henry Ford Hospital. For years, I walked alongside O’Neal as a pulmonary physician, but never truly “walked” in his shoes. I was curious as to what keeps him passionate about his job, what he does every day, and how things have changed in his profession.

Not surprisingly, O’Neal is just as passionate about his job today as he was 40 years ago.

While it feels like just yesterday when we battled as young men on the basketball court, it was obvious how much respiratory therapy has changed over the years.

The technology has expanded tremendously, allowing for safer and more efficient ways to treat the patient.

Respiratory therapists are now able to help patients with life support, using novel inhaled treatments like nitric oxide and helium, newer forms of mechanical ventilation, airway management and breathing treatments, among many other things.

Despite these changes, O’Neal has taught both the students he interacts with on a daily basis, as well as his colleagues, the importance of listening to the patient. Continue reading

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