Achieve in 2013

How’s that New Year’s resolution going so far? Are you eating healthier, spending more time at the gym, or finally writing the Great American Novel?

We all know that February can be a time when our resolutions begin to wane. You put in a pretty good effort for the first six weeks of the year, right?

So for those seeking motivation to carry on with their 2013 resolutions, I want you to watch this video:

Employees from across our hospital campus are working to ACHIEVE their 2013 goals – both personally and professionally. Continue reading

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Dream Big in 2012

“You can learn a lot about a person from his dreams. What we dream is a reflection of who we are. It is the measure of our aspirations and goals, and of those values we hold dear and place above all else.”
– Zadok Rabinowitz

The New Year offers each of us a point in time for reflection, renewal, and most importantly, resolution.

It’s one of the many reasons (along with football and fond memories of my Grandma Mary’s roast pork and Romanian sausage dinner) that New Year’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.

Every year I have made – and kept – the same resolution: To thank, challenge and even inspire my family, friends and colleagues, as well as myself.

As part of that resolution, I started a holiday tradition as President and CEO of Henry Ford Hospital to send my colleagues and team a New Year’s card with a very special message.

In 2011, that message was BELIEVE. Our belief in our mission, each other, our work and our city is what drives our relationships and emotional engagement in what we do every day.

When you truly believe, there’s no limit to what you can achieve and dream…which brings me to this year’s message. Continue reading

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