Bridging the Work-Life Balance in Midtown

We’ve all been here: You leave the hospital after a long day of work and think, “my day’s not even close to being over yet.”

You’re running on low energy and still have to stop to get an oil change, look into a new doggie daycare and set-up a birthday dinner for a friend – and don’t forget the gift!

Midtown Concierge Office at HFH

Monica Sanders and Laurie Walker are ready to help you in the Midtown Concierge office in the hospital.

With our very busy work and personal lives, we all could use an extra hand in getting things done each day.

Recognizing that our hospital employees need a healthy work-life balance to be able to deliver the best possible care to our patients and their families, we’ve been working on special program for a while to help make life a little easier.

We’ve partnered with Midtown Detroit, Inc. and Balance Concierge to create Midtown Concierge, a service that works with local Midtown and City of Detroit businesses to provide goods and services to Henry Ford Hospital campus employees, often at a discounted rate.

Through Balance Concierge, Midtown Concierge offers personal assistance to hospital employees for routine tasks that often seem overwhelming when combined with a busy work and personal life.

This new pilot program is an in-house concierge service available at no fee to HFH Campus employees; you only pay for the items or services requested.

For those who follow Doc in the D, the concept of Midtown Concierge might sound familiar. Continue reading

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Future of Midtown

Chicago and New York City are two great examples of American cities that have transformed over the past few decades into vibrant and prosperous places with thriving neighborhoods.

And Detroit is on a very similar trajectory.

During the past week on Doc in the D, we’ve had the opportunity to explore Midtown’s growth and development. In our fourth and final video in the Midtown “webisode,” we’ll look toward the future of Midtown Detroit and the revitalization of Detroit.

Today, I ask Sue Mosey, President of Midtown Detroit, Inc., a very important question: “Where will Midtown be 10-15 years from now?” Continue reading

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Midtown and Henry Ford

Did you know that you can buy Detroit-themed housewares, accessories and paper goods at City Bird? And RUN Detroit is just across the street, offering everything you’ll need to be more active in the city.

There’s also Go! Sy Thai that just opened in the new Auburn building, or Midtown’s long-time fixture Traffic Jam and Snug.

Filled with unique shops and restaurants, Midtown Detroit has a lot to offer that you may not necessarily find in your hometown.

Being a patron of Midtown’s booming businesses is equally important as being an investor or a small business owner to sustaining the success and growth of the neighborhood.

But for those with little time during the workday to shop or those whose hometown is outside of the city, it may not be easy to find an opportunity to frequent the restaurants, shops and businesses in Midtown.

Sue Mosey, President of Midtown Detroit, Inc., is working to change that with an exciting new pilot program at Henry Ford Hospital that we hope to launch within the next year. Continue reading

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Midtown Momentum

Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars.
Henry Ford

Midtown is a growing and vibrant area, fueled by an influx of young people and new businesses, restaurants and housing.

Sustaining that momentum is critical.

In the above video, the second in our Midtown “webisode,” Sue Mosey, President of Midtown Detroit, Inc., details some of the exciting plans to keep the Midtown momentum moving forward.

A large part of that plan is to continue to encourage small, independent business development, as well as attract national businesses like Whole Foods which recently opened in Midtown.

Building infrastructure is another key to Midtown’s future. The M1 Rail Line, along with rewiring streets for new LED lighting and building greenways and neighborhood gardens, provides a sense of community, security and well-being. Continue reading

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Nothing Stops (Midtown) Detroit

Budding businesses. Innovative technology. Unique eats. Arts and culture. Renovated and historic housing.

No, it’s not Chicago or New York City. It’s all happening in our neighborhood – in Detroit’s booming Midtown.

For the next week, Doc in the D will be on location in Midtown, offering you a first-hand look at some of the new shops and restaurants, as well as plans for future growth and development. And, most importantly, we’ll show you how everyone at Henry Ford Hospital can play a role in Midtown’s success.

Our tour guide: Sue Mosey, the President of Midtown Detroit, Inc. who has been affectionately dubbed the “Mayor of Midtown.”

A native Detroiter, Sue’s worked since 1990 to develop Midtown into a thriving area that today continues to grow and amaze. Continue reading

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