Food for Thought: Join Gleaners Spring Drive Against Hunger

This blog has been a popular place for food fodder….but this time around we’re not talking about the hospital cafeteria.

In health care we spend a lot of time bantering about healthy foods vs. unhealthy foods, sometimes forgetting that some people have no food at all.

Last year, Gleaners Food Bank served more than 209,000 people in Wayne County alone. Around 45,200 people receive assistance in any given week and 40% of those emergency food users are children.

With more than 250,000 children in Michigan receiving two out of three meals a day at school, they often do not receive these meals when school is not in session.

To combat this, Henry Ford Hospital is partnering with Gleaners Food Bank for its Spring Food Drive, April 11 – 17. Food bins will be located throughout the hospital.

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