The Henry Ford Family

As we move to a new vision statement for Henry Ford, the essential value remains from our prior vision statement:

Providing each patient the quality of care and comfort we want for our families and ourselves.

This letter from Karen Davis – one of our hospital’s administrative nurse managers whose daughter was recently a patient in Henry Ford Hospital’s Emergency Department – exemplifies what that is about:

I couldn’t fall asleep until I wrote this note. First of all, I am happy to say that in my almost 6.5 years as a Henry Ford Hospital employee, no one in my family has had to utilize our emergency facilities.

The Davis Family

From the second we arrived, the Emergency Department staff was unbelievable!

Everyone came out of the woodwork to help Jennifer: Cindy helped start her IV, and the short, blond-haired triage nurse (I’m sorry, I didn’t get her name) and Jeff, the charge nurse, got her medicated, comfortable and whisked us back to the pediatric area.

There, we were met by Sarah, another charge nurse, staff nurses Mark and Ebony, and the PA, Jackie.

What terrific staff!

All of a sudden, my family was their family too!

What a great feeling that my “nursing hat” was off and my “mom hat” could be worn comfortably. Talk about being able to feel relaxed during a stressful situation.

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