What’s On Your Mind? No Topic Off-Limits, Except “Jersey,” Dr. Dre, Aliens…

I am pausing at this time (sort of like the NHL season break), asking for you to blog back to me. 

What’s on your mind about The Henry Ford Hospital, health care, work, life, the City of Detroit, or any other topic that you want to share your perspectives as employees, health care workers, patients, citizens or anyone else?

Post your questions below in the comments section. But before you do…

There are several topics that I would like to keep off of this site (although if you so choose overwhelmingly, I can be persuaded to change my mind). 

The off-limit topics include:

1. Anything to do with a reality TV program, especially those with terms in the title such as “Jersey,” “Housewives,” “The Real,” or “Island.”

2. Dr. Dre, or at least until he completes medical school.

3. Aliens, past, present, or future; alien societies, alien ancestors, alien abduction, SETI, or other extraterrestrial subjects. Speculation on the planet of origin of certain senior HFH leaders is acceptable.

4. High fashion, although hospital couture, or lack thereof, is fair game.

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