Tweets from inside the MRI

While I was waiting to get an MRI of my hip, I thought: “I should be tweeting this.”  But a blog is the limit of this man’s social networking skills.

From Facebook to Twitter, it seems half of the world wants to tell the other half of the world every mundane activity that they are experiencing: “Going to the mall!”; “in the car on the Lodge!”; “buying popcorn!”; “solving the global climate crisis!”

Still, I thought you might want to hear from me on the other side of the white coat as I experienced my MRI at Henry Ford Hospital.

If I had a Twitter account and was tweeting during my MRI experience, my tweets may have looked something like this…




Dr. John Popovich

Checking in to x-ray! @HenryFordNews


Dr. John Popovich

No, I am not the basketball coach #spurs


Dr. John Popovich

Yes I have insurance.
I am sure we take HAP.

Dr. John Popovich

Are any hospital gowns made for someone over 6 feet?


Dr. John Popovich

Need two gowns, you don’t want to see what’s behind #youtube

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