Baby Wings

A few “Baby Wings” and their parents at Henry Ford Hospital had a special visit today from one of the Detroit Red Wings, someone who has been with the NHL for nearly 20 years – Daniel Alfredsson.


“Baby Wing” Thaddeus, who joined the world at HFH this week, sports his new Red Wing beanie with his mom and Alfredsson.

For those of you who do not follow hockey, Alfredsson is a near lock for a spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Before he joined the Wings this year, he was captain of the Ottawa Senators from 1999-2013 with almost all franchise scoring records. He played for the Swedish National team 13 times and won an Olympic gold medal in 2006.

Alfredsson – joined by Sandy Pierce, CEO of FirstMerit Michigan and Chair of the HFHS Board, and FirstMerit Mascot Franklin the Moose – visited a couple of families on the HFH labor and delivery unit to officially launch our new “Baby Wings” program.

Dr. Munkarah, Sandy Pierce, Alfredsson and Franklin the FirstMerit moose with our team on H3.

Dr. Munkarah, Sandy Pierce, Alfredsson and Franklin the FirstMerit moose with our team on H3.

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Lidstrom’s Leadership, Teamwork Set Example We All Should Follow

I woke up today and the sun was gone. The Ren Cen disappeared.
Nick Lidstrom retired.

Can a hockey player be a role model for us in health care? If anyone can, it is Lidstrom.

Credit: Josh Howard, Winging It In Motown and The Nightmare on Helm Street - An Unofficial Detroit Red Wings Blog.

Master what you do, show up everyday without self interest, go about your work with dignity, class, excellence and without fan fare, make every one around you better when they are on your team.

I bleed Henry Ford blue and I have an English D on my chest.

But the “Winged Wheel” has truly special meaning to me.

I saw Gordie, Fats and Terrible Ted play at Olympia in the glory days.  I experienced the darkness of Harkness.

Greatness followed by despair. A tale of hockey teams and of cities.

But for the last 20 years we have seen resurrection of our Wings, the resurgence shared by many but carried by this laconic Swede, the “so called” perfect human. A standard of excellence.

Hockey teams are not cities or organizations, but the talents to create these types of transformations are embodied by our Captain.

We may never see such a player again, and very few of us can achieve what he has in his craft.

But all of us can follow his example of approaching what we do the way he did.

If we do and we do this collectively, we will look back on our careers and do more than any of us can imagine.

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What’s On Your Mind? No Topic Off-Limits, Except “Jersey,” Dr. Dre, Aliens…

I am pausing at this time (sort of like the NHL season break), asking for you to blog back to me. 

What’s on your mind about The Henry Ford Hospital, health care, work, life, the City of Detroit, or any other topic that you want to share your perspectives as employees, health care workers, patients, citizens or anyone else?

Post your questions below in the comments section. But before you do…

There are several topics that I would like to keep off of this site (although if you so choose overwhelmingly, I can be persuaded to change my mind). 

The off-limit topics include:

1. Anything to do with a reality TV program, especially those with terms in the title such as “Jersey,” “Housewives,” “The Real,” or “Island.”

2. Dr. Dre, or at least until he completes medical school.

3. Aliens, past, present, or future; alien societies, alien ancestors, alien abduction, SETI, or other extraterrestrial subjects. Speculation on the planet of origin of certain senior HFH leaders is acceptable.

4. High fashion, although hospital couture, or lack thereof, is fair game.

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