Can Health Care Transform a City Like Detroit? It’s Already Happening.

There’s a company in Cleveland that, in one year, generated more than $570 million in state and local taxes. With more than 35,000 employees, it’s also the largest employer in Northeast Ohio, and the second largest employer in the state.

No, it’s not the Browns or the Cavaliers (even when King LeBron was still in town). Possibly the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame plays a role, but isn’t that the case for rock and roll in all of life?

The Cleveland Clinic and its suburban hospitals are the ones making this enormous impact on the city and state economy – $8.9 billion in 2006 alone. It’s also one of the many reasons a city once criticized as much as Detroit is now called “The Comeback City.”

And Cleveland isn’t the only place where an academic health center is improving the economic health of its community.

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