Taking a Page from Airlines’ Safety Playbook

I am writing this post 37,000 feet over Nebraska, returning home from a conference in California on Sunday. 

Before you comment about the jet-setting life of a hospital CEO, let me point out that I left two days ago, sat in meetings for ten hours each day, and I cannot watch or listen to the Super Bowl in this plane.

But the time made me reflect on something my friend Dr. Bob Wachter said in the meeting.  Bob has written a great deal about health care safety, both in a book as well as on his blog, Wachter’s World.

At this weekend’s meeting, he briefly talked about the comparative safety of the U.S. airlines industry versus health care. 

This has been the topic of many papers, books and conferences. It is not a new idea, but it is a bit more immediate when you are sitting in the exit row of a 757. 

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