A Few Words on Colorectal Cancer

Can we talk?

I know it’s not a topic that you want to address, but people are dying not to talk about it.

That topic is your colon, specifically about colon cancer and how to improve diagnosis and cure of the second-leading cause of cancer death in the United States.

Improving survival in this cancer is greatly increased by early detection and polyp removal by colonoscopy.

I know you may have a fear of this procedure.

Trust me; I wasn’t the first to step to the line either.

The preparation the day before is not quite as bad as the rumors, although it is important to stay close to a “facility.”

The procedure itself is painless, quick and easy. After mine, I asked the recovery nurse when we about to start – that was about 30 minutes after the procedure was finished. Continue reading

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Game On Cancer

Today is a great day for the City of Detroit.

The Detroit Tigers are set to play a pivotal game three of the ACLS against the Boston Red Sox at Comerica Park.

And next door at Ford Field, we announced a unique new partnership with another amazing Detroit establishment – the Detroit Lions – to raise $15 million during the next three years for cancer research at the Josephine Ford Cancer Institute.

Our campaign is called “Game on Cancer,” and it offers a fun and creative way to get Lions fans and the community to join our “team” in the fight against cancer through an interactive 3D website of Ford Field.

Executive chairman of Ford Motor Company Bill Ford Jr. and his wife, Lisa, serve as the honorary co-chairs for “Game on Cancer.”

Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Herman Moore is helping to promote the campaign too by starring in the above TV commercial that “tackles” cancer.

“Game on Cancer” will officially launch Sunday, Oct. 20 when the Detroit Lions play the Cincinnati Bengals at Ford Field, coinciding with the Detroit Lions NFL national game day for breast cancer awareness.

Here’s how you can get in on the Game on Cancer: Continue reading

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Future of Midtown

Chicago and New York City are two great examples of American cities that have transformed over the past few decades into vibrant and prosperous places with thriving neighborhoods.

And Detroit is on a very similar trajectory.

During the past week on Doc in the D, we’ve had the opportunity to explore Midtown’s growth and development. In our fourth and final video in the Midtown “webisode,” we’ll look toward the future of Midtown Detroit and the revitalization of Detroit.

Today, I ask Sue Mosey, President of Midtown Detroit, Inc., a very important question: “Where will Midtown be 10-15 years from now?” Continue reading

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Midtown and Henry Ford

Did you know that you can buy Detroit-themed housewares, accessories and paper goods at City Bird? And RUN Detroit is just across the street, offering everything you’ll need to be more active in the city.

There’s also Go! Sy Thai that just opened in the new Auburn building, or Midtown’s long-time fixture Traffic Jam and Snug.

Filled with unique shops and restaurants, Midtown Detroit has a lot to offer that you may not necessarily find in your hometown.

Being a patron of Midtown’s booming businesses is equally important as being an investor or a small business owner to sustaining the success and growth of the neighborhood.

But for those with little time during the workday to shop or those whose hometown is outside of the city, it may not be easy to find an opportunity to frequent the restaurants, shops and businesses in Midtown.

Sue Mosey, President of Midtown Detroit, Inc., is working to change that with an exciting new pilot program at Henry Ford Hospital that we hope to launch within the next year. Continue reading

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Midtown Momentum

Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars.
Henry Ford

Midtown is a growing and vibrant area, fueled by an influx of young people and new businesses, restaurants and housing.

Sustaining that momentum is critical.

In the above video, the second in our Midtown “webisode,” Sue Mosey, President of Midtown Detroit, Inc., details some of the exciting plans to keep the Midtown momentum moving forward.

A large part of that plan is to continue to encourage small, independent business development, as well as attract national businesses like Whole Foods which recently opened in Midtown.

Building infrastructure is another key to Midtown’s future. The M1 Rail Line, along with rewiring streets for new LED lighting and building greenways and neighborhood gardens, provides a sense of community, security and well-being. Continue reading

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Nothing Stops (Midtown) Detroit

Budding businesses. Innovative technology. Unique eats. Arts and culture. Renovated and historic housing.

No, it’s not Chicago or New York City. It’s all happening in our neighborhood – in Detroit’s booming Midtown.

For the next week, Doc in the D will be on location in Midtown, offering you a first-hand look at some of the new shops and restaurants, as well as plans for future growth and development. And, most importantly, we’ll show you how everyone at Henry Ford Hospital can play a role in Midtown’s success.

Our tour guide: Sue Mosey, the President of Midtown Detroit, Inc. who has been affectionately dubbed the “Mayor of Midtown.”

A native Detroiter, Sue’s worked since 1990 to develop Midtown into a thriving area that today continues to grow and amaze. Continue reading

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Detroit’s Future is in Our Hands

The future of Detroit is in all of our hands. We are a city of purposeful and persistent people.

The bankruptcy was the most important moment in our journey to recovery. In clinical medicine, uncertainty is often times worse than the diagnosis itself.

I have heard my patients say that they cry and dry heave prior to an appointment in which they are awaiting confirmation of a diagnosis. Once they hear the words, the dry heaving stops and they begin the process to concentrate on what to do from that point forward in their lives.

Kubler-Ross identified the stages of grief for dying patients and others, and we collectively, as all who call ourselves Detroiters, follow a similar path of grief for the city that has been lost.

Response Graphic

From ChangingMinds.org

Or changed.

Or isn’t what it could be or once was.

This extended grief cycle has been described as a roller coaster of activity and passivity in a fight against unavoidable change. Continue reading

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The History Behind the Henry Ford Medical Group Insignia

Henry Ford Medical Group InsigniaYou see it every day at Henry Ford Hospital – on lab coats, hanging in the clinic building lobby or on a business card.

But what do you really know about the Henry Ford Medical Group Insignia, a symbol of our heritage and continuing mission of research, education and exemplary patient care?

While the Medical Group was established nearly 100 years ago, the insignia is a relatively new addition, having only been created within the past decade.

The insignia also is composed of several meaningful elements:

  • Shield: Truth and loyalty
  • Banner: Reward for valiant service
  • The word Invenio: Discovery and innovation
  • The word Committo: To unite, collaborate and work as a team
  • Branches with leaves: Symbolizes the reward of saving lives
  • Henry Ford Hospital and Model T Ambulance: Symbolizes the rich heritage of innovation represented by its founder.
  • Microscope: Symbolizes innovations in medical research and education.
  • Caduceus: Represents the medical profession and its commitment to healing. The snake symbolizes knowledge and wisdom.

There’s even a bit of controversy behind the creation of the Medical Group insignia.  Continue reading

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My Gift, My Hero

“How do you thank somebody who has saved your life?”

It is a question often contemplated among organ donor recipients.

Many recipients devote their lives to giving back and taking care of their health. Some reach out to the donor family.

While others proudly (and bravely) share their stories, experiences, feelings and even fears as a transplant recipient with their communities to bring about awareness and to honor the individuals and families who made the decision to give the gift of life.

That’s just what members of our Transplant Living Community (TLC) Group at Henry Ford Hospital did recently in the above video shared at our annual Donor Memorial Ceremony which honors the families of organ donors.

TLC is a community comprised of transplant recipients and families who have known and experienced the tribulations of living with life-threatening illness prior to transplant, and have experienced success in the healing period that follows. Their experiences, reflections, and practical tips are helpful and comforting to those just beginning the transplant process.

The group also encourages recipients to make health their No. 1 priority. Something that, frankly, we could all learn from. Continue reading

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A Thank-You to Henry Ford Nurses

In celebration and appreciation of National Nurses Week, employees from across the Henry Ford Hospital campus took part in this special video message to thank our nurses for all they do:

Thank you to all of our nurses at Henry Ford Hospital and throughout the Health System!

If you have a special message for our nurses, please share it in the comments section below.

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