Shoutout: Safety Huddle results in solutions!

Every Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. we conduct a Safety Huddle at Henry Ford Hospital. One of the first things we do at the meeting is to give shoutouts, a collective praise given to team members who have gone over and beyond the usual.

This is my shoutout to the Safety Huddle.

The Safety Huddle is conducted to get problems reported and identified for correction.

Henry Ford Hospital conducts a daily Safety Huddle to report problems and identify solutions, and to share information.

The Safety Huddle is conducted to get problems reported and identified for correction. Some components are recurrent, such as looking at sentinel events, healthcare associated infections, patient satisfaction rounds, borders in the emergency department, beds available or anticipated, or femoral lines that are presently in patients. Others are episodic. An event, equipment breakdown, parking problem, you name it. Each part of the house is methodically asked to report issues or levels of activity, like occupancy in the newborn nursery or numbers of ventilators being used.

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Just like yesterday.

When I was watching the media coverage of the 15th Anniversary of 9/11, I was struck by the significantly different perceptions about the time that has passed since that tragic day. When speaking to several of my friends, many remarked how long ago 9/11 seems and how time has passed to the point, this day of infamy was a distant memory.shutterstock_432103234

But when hearing from those who had been directly affected by the event, those who had lost loved ones, or personally were at Ground Zero, they all commented how it seemed “just like yesterday” and that time seemed to have stopped since that fateful day.

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Doc in the D’s favorite health care-inspired books

So you want some recommendations about books to read, but you’re not interested in the business books that I recommended in a prior blog?


I hear you and thought I would keep some of the books in the realm of medicine and health care. I may eventually provide you with a list of my casual reading. But I’m afraid this might provide too much insight into my psyche than I am comfortable to reveal.

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A caddies’ story

What did you do on your summer vacation?

I had the pleasure of volunteering at the recent United States Amateur Golf Championship conducted at the venerable Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. This championship, one of the oldest in the country, brought together 318 of the top amateur golfers in the world. Players came from 28 countries. The arduous 36-hole qualifying section lead to a field of 64 golfers, who played “mano a mano” matches for a week until a champion was crowned on Sunday, Aug. 21. The champion was Curtis Luck from Perth, Australia. A truly great player.

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Doc in the D’s Favorite Business Books

Read, read, and read. I read all the time. As much and as often as I can. Newspapers, books, usually old school real paper, but on the Kindle and iPad as well. Reading provides the experiences that you cannot often have yourself, and an opportunity to stimulate your own thoughts and to learn from others.

In the leadership and business realm, I am often asked about which books have influenced me the most. Not the “best” business books of all time, but those that have stimulated me to form my opinions about the direction that we need to go for success.

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The Yuck Factor

All of us in health care know the importance of cleaning and washing our hands when we care for others. This simple act can prevent injury to patients and save lives.

I am going to give you another reason to wash your hands.

Take a good look at the bacterial cultures of the hands of two of our employees. Hand2You can see those areas that represent growth of bacteria. Bacteria that can be transmitted to others, including our patients, our co-workers, our friends, our spouses, our children and ourselves.

This phenomenon qualifies by a very precise scientific term, YUCK. Continue reading

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A Big Favor

To kick off the return of Doc in the D, I wanted to share something special that truly touched my heart. The journey we take in our professions is personal but also shared. Much of the shared experience is not technical; it is related to the humanity of our roles and calling.

Some among us can provide insights into this far better than others. They can describe the emotional subtleties, the push and pull on our professional and personal lives, and the fundamental thread of our connectivity with our patients.

A brilliant (and award winning) essay by one of our surgical residents, Dr. Ko Un Clara Park, captures this and needs no further introduction. Continue reading

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Doc in the D is Back!

“He’s ba-aa-a-a-ck.”

No, not Poltergeist II. Doc in the D is back.

After an almost six month hiatus, Doc in the D has returned. We all had to recharge the batteries after our centennial celebration that culminated in a magnificent Grand Ball.

Now it’s time for a new century of Henry Ford Hospital and to continue to share stories of our employees and our hospital. Continue reading

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2016: Focused On Our Destiny

2016 holiday card front“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”

  • William Jennings Bryan

It’s become an annual tradition each year that I’ve been President and CEO of Henry Ford Hospital to send my colleagues and my team a New Year’s card with a special – and inspiring – message for the New Year.

After celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2015, it is important that we look to the future in 2016 – our destiny. Continue reading

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