Always a Tiger

BELIEVE: Go Tigers!

OK, I will admit it.

I thought I could not watch the fifth game of the ALCS after the game four heartbreak.  I rationalized it in many ways: Too late, too tired for the early morning meeting on Friday, what happens happens.

It actually is simply because I couldn’t take the emotional wringing.  My television was in danger of damage from objects I was throwing.

I know I have been told that this is simply not something that a man of my age and responsibilities should feel; a childhood game having that kind of hold.

Then Justin Verlander took the mound, and it clicked on – it was not too late, I will not be tired, and, as I have said on many occasions in this blog, I BELIEVE.









I have been following the Tigers for over 50 years.

I learned to love them from my Mom putting me to sleep with the transistor radio tuned to Ernie Harwell and George Kell.

Seen them in Briggs Stadium, then Tiger’s Stadium, and now Comerica Park.  Shared every victory and endured every loss. Continue reading

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On the Journey from Good to Great: The Baldrige Award

I cannot tell you how proud I am of everyone at Henry Ford Health System for winning the 2011 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Let me make that clear:  YOU WON THE BALDRIGE AWARD.

Nancy set the goal, Bob and the Executive Team set the framework, Bill Conway drove the quality agenda, and Sue Hawkins, Edie Eisenmann and their teams created the work plans and applications.

But they could not win the Baldrige Award even with all of their aspirations and actions. Only you could.

Nancy and I spoke about this after the site visit. I cannot tell you how we were in awe of the way in which every employee surveyed, individually or in groups, expressed our mission and vision, as well as identified how their work fit into the greater whole of what we do each and every day in restoring patients and communities to health and wellness.

You know that something different is happening when medical and nursing students, who are not yet Henry Ford employees, can express what we do, how we do it, and what it means in their evolution as the next generation health workers.

After winning, my deep reaction to the award is we must get better, as an organization and as individuals making up that organization.

Justin Verlander knew he won the MVP. He already is thinking about how he can be better. We should too.

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Steven Paul Jobs, 1955-2011

On the brink of the opening of the Henry Ford Innovation Institute, we honor the passing of one of the greatest innovators of our time.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life…Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”
– Steve Jobs, 2005

Wisdom.  Rest in peace.

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Defining The Henry Ford Hospital

As I frequently say (I know that I repeat myself too often) the power of a single word is enormous:  the power to inspire, to motivate, to describe.

When I asked employees of The Henry Ford Hospital to give me the one word they believe best defines the patient care, medicine and expertise found here, the response was overwhelming.

I didn’t just get one word; I got more than 50.

Those words more than embodied the diversity, knowledge and care that patients have come to expect from The Henry Ford Hospital.  Our services and activities are so broad in nature I knew one word wasn’t going to cut it.

I am truly impressed with the outpouring of these expressions of your engagement.

The main reason we are a great hospital is because of you and the teams you are a part of.

These are the words that describe you and your work.

Thank all of you for your overwhelmingly positive response. Check out the above finished product…pretty cool.

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One Word to Define a Hospital

I often talk about the power of words. The power of even a single word or groups of single words can be expressive and defining.

Henry Ford Hospital Word Collage

What words do you think define The Henry Ford Hospital?

In a previous blog piece I talked about the word “believe,” as it relates to the work and goals of The Henry Ford Hospital. That word resonates in my thoughts, and often times, moves into my descriptions of what we do here in Detroit.

I would like you to try something similar.

If you could only pick one word to describe Henry Ford Hospital, what would it be?

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Referred to Detroit: Our Video Tribute to the City

Many of us were inspired by the recent Super Bowl ad for Chrysler featuring Eminem. The combination of the uplifting portrayal of Detroit while acknowledging the grit, determination and soul of our city and our people was unique in its captivation of Detroiters, as well as much of the nation.

All of this got me thinking about our great industry, our great institution, and the people who create The Henry Ford Hospital – same grit, same determination and same soul.

Through the artistic genius of J.C. Whitelaw of OR TV fame at Henry Ford Hospital, and the collective creative talents of Emily Solecki and Krista Hopson, the video posted above is our homage to the Chrysler ad and our tribute to you.

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BELIEVE: Reflection, Renewal & Resolution in 2011

New Year’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I have great memories of a day full of football, and my Grandma Mary’s roast pork and Romanian sausage dinner.

I don’t want to hear from my food blog responders about the cholesterol content of those items. It was tradition and only once a year. And according to Grandma, if you ate any poultry on New Year’s Day, you were going to itch for the entire year.

The other part of New Year’s Day that I continue to love is that it is a point in time for reflection and renewal, as well as resolution.

I have made my share of failed resolutions: the weight loss target that seemed to be lost by Super Bowl Sunday; the promise to stop using four-letter words while yelling at the televised football game, which generally lasted through the first quarter of the Michigan game; and so on.

One resolution that I have kept every year is to thank, challenge and hopefully inspire my family, friends and colleagues, as well as myself, to reaffirm what are our core values and beliefs.


I’m a big “belief” person.

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