The Legends Interviews: Gwen Gnam and Madelyn Torakis

Henry Ford Hospital (HFH) President and CEO Dr. John Popovich, Jr. interviews Gwen Gnam and Madelyn Torakis in the next edition of “Interviews in front of the Living Wall: Legends Interviews.” In this segment, HFH Chief Nursing Officer Gwen Gnam and Clinical Nurse Specialist Madelyn Torakis share details of the hospital’s Magnet® Recognition Program designation journey for the Department of Nursing. Magnet® designation is the most prestigious distinction a hospital can achieve for nursing excellence, innovations in professional practice, and quality patient care.

“The Legends Interviews” segments were filmed in the Henry Ford Hospital Atrium. To view past videos, click the “Legends Interviews” tag at the bottom of this post.

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5 thoughts on “The Legends Interviews: Gwen Gnam and Madelyn Torakis

  1. Started reading some of your articles. What a remarkable story you tell. Steven Hadesman

  2. Thank you, Steve. You have been a part of the stories during your practice work at HFMG.

  3. Dr. P., I realize your retirement is coming up, too fast, but who will continue the excellent Doc in the D you created and continue? They will have to be remarkable, down to earth, willing to share their personal experiences, well liked and have great connections system wide! Maybe you should begin interviewing remarkable candidates to replace you, or you could serve as the Doc in the D emeritus…?

  4. Rita, This could be a bit like the James Bond movie franchise. Sean Connery retires, who takes his place? (I actually like Daniel Craig, who is more like the printed character Ian Fleming created.)

    All seriousness, we have been thinking about a transition of the Doc In the D and how to continue the themes. Thanks for your kind words and comments.

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