2018: Reflections on gratitude

Cover of the card reads "1.1.18"

GRATITUDE (noun): Thankfulness or gratefulness, from the Latin Gratus, pleasing, thankful

In following with tradition during my tenure as President and CEO of Henry Ford Hospital, I am pleased to share my annual holiday card with you.

Gratitude isn’t simply saying thank you and moving on with life. I’m talking about the profound feeling of deep appreciation for those who mean the most to you as well as the profound feelings that they have for you.

Dozens of studies have shown that gratitude makes us happier, healthier human beings. It increases our self-esteem, mental acuity and empathy for others.

I’ve committed time daily for reflection on this very topic. I challenge you to do the same.

I’ll start.

I am grateful for you. Each of you. All of you.

Happy New Year!

Top inside of the card reads: Gratitude: Thankfulness or gratefulness, from th elatin gratus, pleasing, thankful. "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." Albert EinsteinBottom of inside card reads: "As we start another year, before the plans, before the catapulting to the next items on your professional and personal agenda, I would ask you to do one thing. On a day in the new year, for just a moment, walk outside, stand there in silence. Look around you, at the earth, the trees, the snow, the sky. Look back into your home. Close your eyes and think of all those in your life that bring you joy and for which you are grateful. For all those in your life that you have brought joy and for which they are grateful for you. Of all in your life for which you are thankful. For that one moment, contemplate how amazing life truly is. What a miracle it is. Thank you for all of the miracles, big and small. That you provide others at Henry Ford. You make life an amazing miracle." Signed by John Popovich, Jr., M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Henry Ford Hospital

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8 thoughts on “2018: Reflections on gratitude

  1. It is amazing to me how lucky and fortunate we are to live in the United States of America. I, personally, am so extremely grateful for this alone most deeply. All over the news we see other countries where there is war, famine, and a lack of clean drinking water. Can you even imagine dying from a lack of clean drinking water?! Yet this is happening today, in the year 2018. So while we donate to our charities and hope for a better world, in the meantime we ought to be awfully grateful for the location where we live, and that just happened to be bestowed to us.

  2. I’m grateful for my family, my wife Janet, my two kids and my new grandson Theo. What a blessing they are in my life. I’m also grateful for my job, for the culture of this organization and the amazing people that work for Henry Ford Hospital.

  3. Indeed gratitude helps change our perspective on life and its circumstances.
    Thank you for sharing your 2018 message. We appreciate your reflections through the years and we are very thankful to have had you as our CEO for these past years.
    You have truly had an impact and made a difference at Henry Ford Hospital , in our Health System and on the City of Detroit!
    We are most grateful for you! Sincere and heartfelt Thank You 🙂

  4. This morning, I heard a radio spot identifying the reality of a remote area of Africa where there is “arsenic” in their drinking water. How fortunate are we? every day, every moment, every miracle…..Though I am reading this for the first time in the New Year, the timing is just right!
    Amen and God bless the World!

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