The moment.

The incomprehensible can occur in a moment. Something unexpected, let alone unimaginable, happens, reminding all of us that all we ever have is the moment we are in. Reminding all of us how precious that moment we live in truly is. Reminding all of us that we are a heartbeat away from eternity.

There are no words or thoughts that provide comfort or bring an explanation to the inevitable question of “why?” There is no answer. There is only the reality that is faced in dealing with senseless loss, a life ended too soon, a lifetime of remembrances never formed.

We take even more deeply the loss of one of our own. This is not supposed to happen to the healers, the care providers, our team. We render the care, we don’t receive it. We treat the injured, we are not the injured.

We are invincible, aren’t we?

Part of the shield we create to do the things that we do for others without losing our humanity. Best to think we are the external actors in this play.

But we are not. We are subject to the precious moment as everyone else.

In these times, we all will proceed through the steps of our grief. The thoughts that so enormously occupy our mind will pass, and we will go back to living in our moments, whether considered precious or not.

What I hope all of us will remember, perhaps on a crisp spring Sunday morning, is the bounce in her step, the quirky expressions, the lilt in her voice, the smile so big, and that heart even bigger. Maybe in that moment, it will remind us all of how precious life is. How precious each of us is.

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9 thoughts on “The moment.

  1. So very true, well said. life is so very precious and can be gone in a blink of an eye. Such a bright light brought to all of us and a foot print was left in all of our hearts.

  2. So well said – all the lives touched and impacted by one person. A lesson in just how precious life is.
    Thank you for making all stop for a moment and reflect.

  3. Yes indeed! So let’s keep those moments in memory bank, cherish them for life, and keep them alive whenever possible

  4. Dr. Ray was truly a ray of sunshine. She was a friend to us all in Pulmonary. She always greeted everyone in the clinic and would sit and talk with all of us. She was a truly engaged person, down to earth, friendly and inviting. I know the MA’s, nurses, CSR’s, RT’s, secretaries and schedulers will miss Dr. Ray because she crossed the imaginary lines of status, race, sexual orientation and the like. We will miss our ray of sunshine and we celebrate her life.

  5. So very true and well said, Tomorrow is not promised nor is the rest of the day. Let us love and cherish one another and live In the moment.

  6. Although I didn’t know Dr. Ray personally I was heartbroken to hear that a fellow HFHS employee had passed …all due to her heroic efforts to help someone else in need! Just seeing her photo I can tell what a warm and wonderful person she must’ve been. My heart and prayers go out to her family and coworkers. The above article is wonderful and definitely leaves a strong reminder just how precious LIFE is and to never take one precious moment for granted.

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