Shoutout: Safety Huddle results in solutions!

Every Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. we conduct a Safety Huddle at Henry Ford Hospital. One of the first things we do at the meeting is to give shoutouts, a collective praise given to team members who have gone over and beyond the usual.

This is my shoutout to the Safety Huddle.

The Safety Huddle is conducted to get problems reported and identified for correction.

Henry Ford Hospital conducts a daily Safety Huddle to report problems and identify solutions, and to share information.

The Safety Huddle is conducted to get problems reported and identified for correction. Some components are recurrent, such as looking at sentinel events, healthcare associated infections, patient satisfaction rounds, borders in the emergency department, beds available or anticipated, or femoral lines that are presently in patients. Others are episodic. An event, equipment breakdown, parking problem, you name it. Each part of the house is methodically asked to report issues or levels of activity, like occupancy in the newborn nursery or numbers of ventilators being used.

The Safety Huddle requires participation, willingness to come forward with issues, and a fair amount of time and work.

The Safety Huddle follows up on unresolved issues until they are resolved (if they can be resolved). The problems identified are brought to management to correct and management is held accountable to fix them.

I attend as often as possible, but be assured that the problems and corrective steps identified are heard loud and clear by me and the rest of the Henry Ford Hospital administration team, and we are committed to creating solutions.

All of this is making a major difference. Improvements in quality indicators, speed to correction of problems, and engagement of the members of the huddle are evident each day.

So here is one big shoutout to all of you who have been a part of Safety Huddle, from each floor and department rep to the A2 team. You are doing great work, keeping our improvements moving forward on a more rapid pace, and ensuring we are doing the best that we can. You are making a difference for our patients, our families and for each of us.

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  1. Thank you, Deb. That’s a great idea; I’ll talk to my communications team. Additionally, the Safety Huddle is open to all employees and is held at 10 a.m. Monday through Friday in E&R 2055. Department heads and nurse managers regularly attend and share information with their staff.

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