Doc in the D is Back!

“He’s ba-aa-a-a-ck.”

No, not Poltergeist II. Doc in the D is back.

After an almost six month hiatus, Doc in the D has returned. We all had to recharge the batteries after our centennial celebration that culminated in a magnificent Grand Ball.

Now it’s time for a new century of Henry Ford Hospital and to continue to share stories of our employees and our hospital.

I am looking to you to let the Doc in the D team know what you want to read. I already have heard from one area that wants to have a “walk in my shoes” segment. We have this planned in the near future. I want to highlight how the teams of doctors, nurses, professionals and other team members band together to provide care others cannot. These teams are the all in the “all for you.” I also want to highlight some of the individual work outside of the professional lives act all of you lead.

So let the blogs begin!


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