Bridging the Work-Life Balance in Midtown

We’ve all been here: You leave the hospital after a long day of work and think, “my day’s not even close to being over yet.”

You’re running on low energy and still have to stop to get an oil change, look into a new doggie daycare and set-up a birthday dinner for a friend – and don’t forget the gift!

Midtown Concierge Office at HFH

Monica Sanders and Laurie Walker are ready to help you in the Midtown Concierge office in the hospital.

With our very busy work and personal lives, we all could use an extra hand in getting things done each day.

Recognizing that our hospital employees need a healthy work-life balance to be able to deliver the best possible care to our patients and their families, we’ve been working on special program for a while to help make life a little easier.

We’ve partnered with Midtown Detroit, Inc. and Balance Concierge to create Midtown Concierge, a service that works with local Midtown and City of Detroit businesses to provide goods and services to Henry Ford Hospital campus employees, often at a discounted rate.

Through Balance Concierge, Midtown Concierge offers personal assistance to hospital employees for routine tasks that often seem overwhelming when combined with a busy work and personal life.

This new pilot program is an in-house concierge service available at no fee to HFH Campus employees; you only pay for the items or services requested.

For those who follow Doc in the D, the concept of Midtown Concierge might sound familiar.

It’s something I discussed last fall with Sue Mosey, President of Midtown Detroit, Inc., during our tour of Midtown. Sue came up with the idea as a way to allow those who work in the city to explore the new, burgeoning businesses in Midtown, many of which they won’t find in their hometowns.

Now, with Balance Concierge on board, we really have a team in place to deliver great things for our employees, as well as being able to partner with businesses within Midtown.

Services currently available through Midtown Concierge include coordinating and scheduling oil changes and dry cleaning, planning vacations, making dinner reservations, ordering tickets for concerts, theme parks or sporting events, and much more.

How Midtown Concierge Works

Henry Ford Hospital employees can either visit the Midtown Concierge office located in the hospital, or call, email or submit an online request through a custom Midtown Concierge employee portal.

Midtown Concierge team

Talking with all of the key players during the official opening of the Midtown Concierge office in the hospital.

The Midtown Concierge team, stationed at Henry Ford Hospital, then goes to work to make appointments, order items and have the delivered, or gather information for the employee about a product or service.

The service has come in handy for some of the busiest people at our hospital, including Gwen Gnam, RN, the Vice President of Patient Care Services and the Chief Nursing Officer at Henry Ford Hospital, and Emily Sexton, RN, the nurse manager for F6/B6.

Gwen has used Midtown Concierge for auto service, vacation research and more. She’s been thrilled with the service and intends to keep using it.

Emily, when contacted by Doc in the D last week, was in her office sitting next to a clean bag of laundry, thanks to Midtown Concierge. She finds the service to be really helpful, and as someone who works full-time with two young girls, Emily said she’ll “take all the help I can get!”

My hope is that more employees will join Gwen and Emily in utilizing the service and that Midtown Concierge will rapidly outgrow its new space inside the hospital, as the service continues to expand to support both our employees and community.

Right now, Midtown Concierge is being piloted at Henry Ford Hospital, with the hope of rolling it out to other Henry Ford Health System facilities in Detroit.

Midtown continues to incorporate Henry Ford Hospital’s campus and we’re very committed as an anchor institution to support of all of the members and business within our community.

As I’ve always said: we’re more than just a hospital; we’re a tremendous member of this community, as well as Detroit and Southeastern Michigan.

Many hospitals and health systems view themselves in the sense that “as we go the community goes.” Instead, we feel very strongly that “as the community goes we go.”

Learn more about Midtown Concierge at, or visit the on-site team inside Henry Ford Hospital.


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  1. What a wonderful idea! Where may I find a list of services that are offered?

  2. Thank you, Lakeeda! Midtown Concierge is a great program for our HFH campus employees. If you’d like to learn more about services offered, you can call the Midtown Concierge office (313-916-0877) and our team there will be more than happy to assist you.

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