Don’t Just Fly – Soar in 2014

SOAR (verb): To fly upward, as a bird; to rise or aspire to a higher or more exalted level.

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Each year that I’ve been President and CEO of Henry Ford Hospital, I’ve made it a tradition to send my colleagues and my team a New Year’s card with a very special message.

In 2011, that message was BELIEVE. Our belief in our mission, each other, our work and our city is what drives our relationships and emotional engagement in what we do every day.

In 2012, I challenged our team to DREAM big, consider the thoughts and possibilities that our beliefs would create.

Last year, the word was ACHIEVE.  When you truly believe in your dreams, it is time to ACHIEVE.

This year my message is to SOAR.  Don’t just achieve the reachable, stretch to the possibilities.  Don’t just fly, SOAR.

Below is my New Year’s card, which I now share with you.

Happy New Year!

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