Doc in the “M”

Some of you may be wondering: “Where is Doc in the D?”

Production from the “Doc in the D” studios has been somewhat less this past year, but I want to assure you that “Doc in the D” has been working on a number of projects and we are ready to let you know what’s happening.

During the next week on the blog, I’ll be posting about a few of our team’s behind-the-scenes activities:

  • Doc in the M: Covering my road trips with the Referring Physicians Office and Out State Growth team to drive business across Michigan to our hospital;
  • Doc in the W-E: Working with our friends and neighbors “south of the river”, particularly in Windsor-Essex County, to create relationships in education, patient care, employment, research and perhaps other trade; and
  • Doc in the HS: Wearing the System Chief Medical Officer “hat” at Henry Ford Health System, we’re making great strides in linking our physicians and clinicians in a more integrated sense.

So let’s begin with “Doc in the M.”

Coincidence or karma? Our air ambulance was making a run just as we arrived in Alpena.

Coincidence or karma? Our air ambulance was making a run just as we arrived in Alpena.

Our Centers of Excellence produce the “Miracles on the Boulevard” that touch all of us.

Henry Ford Hospital and our Specialty Centers are a major resource in caring for patients with the most complex of diseases. Few hospitals in the state and region have the full capabilities of HFH, nor produce the results that we do.

To provide this level of care, we must have the services, the expertise, the technology and the facilities.

That is not enough for patients to choose us for their care.

We also have to make it easy for patients to get into our hospital and clinics, and easy for doctors to refer patients. We have to be there to help, to care, and to get the patient back to their home in a seamless transition. One call, just say yes, let us help get you here, and we will take care of the rest to get you healthy again.

Hospitals and doctors throughout Michigan need to know about us — what we do and how we do it.

So “Doc in the D,” along with our road crew from the Referring Physicians Office and Out State Growth team, has been traveling the past few months to visit hospitals, doctors and administrators throughout the state.  All, I may add, by invitation after our request.

We have covered almost 4,000 miles on Michigan highways, with my co-pilot and chief navigator Jane Thornhill manning MapQuest.

We talk about our programs, our doctors and care teams, ask what we can do to improve our services, and listen to the needs of our referral partners.

We talk a lot about our campus and Detroit as ambassadors of our organization. In the least, we connect and create friendly relationships, even with competitors.

We actually were in Alpena when our air ambulance was making a run (see above photo).

Call it coincidence or call it karma.

Returning from Alpena to HFH.

Returning  to HFH from Alpena.

And, to the right, is a photo of our air ambulance returning to Henry Ford Hospital with the Alpena patient.

These visits have resulted in the greatest number of referrals for transfers and second opinions in our history, leading to the highest case mix index in our recorded history.

Both of these have strengthened us financially and increased our reputation as a tertiary care facility.

Time to go.

I hear Willie Nelson singing “On the Road Again.”

Tune in later this week for my next segment, “Doc in the W-E.”

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