Midtown Momentum

Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars.
Henry Ford

Midtown is a growing and vibrant area, fueled by an influx of young people and new businesses, restaurants and housing.

Sustaining that momentum is critical.

In the above video, the second in our Midtown “webisode,” Sue Mosey, President of Midtown Detroit, Inc., details some of the exciting plans to keep the Midtown momentum moving forward.

A large part of that plan is to continue to encourage small, independent business development, as well as attract national businesses like Whole Foods which recently opened in Midtown.

Building infrastructure is another key to Midtown’s future. The M1 Rail Line, along with rewiring streets for new LED lighting and building greenways and neighborhood gardens, provides a sense of community, security and well-being.

A goal for Midtown has been to make people feel comfortable walking around the neighborhood, day and night.

The neighborhood today has roughly 40 percent fewer crimes than four years ago, due in large part to a collective of security led by Wayne State University with help from Henry Ford and DMC security and the Michigan Department of Corrections, among others.

Midtown3Tune in Friday to see the next video in our Midtown webisode: “Midtown & Henry Ford.

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