Detroit Shines in New Google Maps App Ad

I always love it when national companies shine a positive light on Detroit. The most recent is an ad for the smartphone application “Google Maps”:


A Google Maps view of Henry Ford Hospital

The music for the ad is one of the city’s anthems, “Rock City,” and the visuals take us on a tour of the city.

The application itself is one of the best, convenient and useful, especially for those of us who are directionally challenged.

So no matter where you are in Southeastern Michigan…Metro Parkway and Garfield…I-75 and West Road…or Thirteen Mile and Woodward…you can find your way around Detroit and, of course, follow all roads that lead to Henry Ford Hospital.

Did Google feature one of your favorite Detroit “Rock City” spots in its ad? Share your thoughts on the new ad below!

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One thought on “Detroit Shines in New Google Maps App Ad

  1. This is a wonderful commercial; it shows off both the apps new features and some of Detroit’s best characteristics. I was talking to a med student the other day who is here from a different state, and he told me he is Detroit is continuously pleasantly surprising him. This might help get the word out!

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