Men Who Cook in the “D”

This year marked another successful “Men Who Cook” event on the Henry Ford Hospital campus.


The men of Henry Ford and other companies across metro Detroit on Wednesday dished out Detroit’s finest creations – street tacos, chili dogs, hot wings, Vernors floats, Sanders hot fudge sundaes (for purposes of the greater good, we have suspended any and all healthy eating restrictions), and so much more – to raise funds for the Tom Groth Patient Medical Needs Fund.

The Center for Cancer Surgery serving up "pothole pot stickers"

The Center for Cancer Surgery team serving up “pothole pot stickers”

From 2004 – 2012, Men Who Cook has raised approximately $2.1 million for the Tom Groth Patient Medical Needs Fund, which provides health care, medication, equipment, medical supplies and social services to uninsured and underinsured patients.

All of you are aware of the increasing difficulty these patients and families face.

This fund is particularly for patients who do not have the resources for pay for basic medical needs. The Tom Groth Patient Medical Needs Fund is a vital contributor to the health and wellness of our patients, allowing us to provide:

  • $5 for the purchase of one week of oral blood pressure medicine
  • $75 for the purchase of a walker and safe ride home
  • $100 for the purchase of one day’s worth of IV antibiotics

I am sure Tom Groth, who was a great administrator and even better person, was smiling once again at the event to support the fund that he inspired.

Serving up more food at Men Who Cook.

Serving up more food at Men Who Cook.

With “Made in Detroit” as this year’s theme, the event also celebrated the heritage of The Motor City with live music, an exhibition of a variety of cars owned by employees and Henry Ford affiliates, and an amazing live auction packed with Detroit items.

I had a great time serving as a bartender for the event.

As I have previously pointed out, my culinary talents are nonexistent, but I can fill cups with libations with the best of them

If you attended, feel free to share your favorite dishes and other highlights from this year’s event in the comments section below!

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3 thoughts on “Men Who Cook in the “D”

  1. I invited my sister this year. She enjoyed it. She also informed me that attending Men Who Cook would be an annual event for her. Since she works at the DMC, she said DMC should do something similar. There were so many healthy choices that I cannot single out one. I enjoyed tasting the different dishes.

  2. it was a blast! I had a great time (volunteering) and my guests had fun with everything. Too bad most of the pix posted are staged shots– need more crowd having fun pictures 🙂

  3. This is my 8th year attending and every year me and my friends have a blast. Since I’m a sugar fiend, the desserts are always my favorite. This year the RUM CAKE wins hands down. Next the mini cu[cakes, then the sunday’s and floats. And I love the homemade chocolate which is always present. It’s an awesome event to help others. Men, great job as always!

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