Dr. Abouljoud Named Arab American of the Year

This past weekend, I attended the 42nd ACCESS (Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services) Anniversary Dinner, honoring Marwan Abouljoud, M.D., director of the Transplant Institute at Henry Ford Hospital, as Arab American of the Year.

ACCESS presents the Arab American of the Year Award to individuals or groups that exemplify the organization’s mission to empower and engage Arab Americans. This year’s other awardee was National Public Radio journalist Diane Rehm.

ACCESS – an organization that focuses on empowering and enabling individuals, families and communities to lead informed, productive, culturally sensitive and fulfilling lives – has a long-standing partnership with Henry Ford. We’ve worked together to provide free health screenings and education, and so much more, in the community. And, its executive director, Hassan Jaber, is a member of the Henry Ford Hospital and Health Network Board of Trustees.

As Arab American of the Year, Dr. Abouljoud will take his place among a distinguished group of past honorees that includes former White House correspondent Helen Thomas; U.S. Sen. Spencer Abraham; entertainers Casey Kasem and Tony Shalhoub; U.A.W. International President Stephen Yokich; U.S. Congressman Nick Rahall; the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee; and St. Jude Hospital.

Dr. Abouljoud has led transplant surgery at Henry Ford to national and international recognition. He performed the first split liver transplant in Michigan in 1996, and in 2000 developed the first adult-to-adult living donor liver transplant program in Michigan.

In 2005, Dr. Abouljoud developed the first active laparoscopic liver surgery program, and in 2008 was the first in Michigan to perform a laparoscopic live-liver donor procedure for transplantation.

In the above video, I discuss in more detail Dr. Abouljoud’s award and his remarkable professional journey.

We’re very proud to have Dr. Abouljoud on our team at Henry Ford Hospital!

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8 thoughts on “Dr. Abouljoud Named Arab American of the Year

  1. I wish you continued prosperity and many more successes to come.


  2. Hi Dr. Abouljoud,
    I would just like to congratulate you on your award. As one of your past employees, I can certainly say without a doubt that you are one of the best physicians I have ever worked with. You are “down to earth”, understanding, friendly and compassionate. You seem to have maintained these qualities as you have successfully climbed the ladder at HFH (this has also been a very challenging feat at times). Now that you have attained celebrity status, I will be asking for you autograph next time I see you!

  3. Marwan-
    I am privileged, honored and humbled to be working with you, and for you, as we continue to push the vision you live through the Transplant Institute. Congratulations!

  4. Dr. Abouljoud … CONGRATULATIONS! We were one of HFHS earliest Husband/Wife Kidney Transplants, and you have overseen Phils progress for many years. Thank You for taking such GREAT care of my Best Friend, and congratulations on your well earned Recognition!!

  5. I have the good fortune to work alongside of Dr Abouljoud in a very unique way.
    I know from others he is a remarkable physician clinically, but I have the unique vantage point to see him in his “give back” endeavors. Dr Abouljoud co-leads
    (along with his colleague Dr Henry Lim) the Physician Leadership Insitute a future senior physician leaders lsuccession program where he models the leadership skills everyone would want their own physiciain to exemplify. He is open, transparent, caring, and tenderly /tough when necessary, to help our mid level physicians in understanding the value of emotional intelligence and influencing skills. He reinforces on the importance of “caring” about patients, and assists physicians in supporting each other in teaming, decision making, and other high level leadership skills which help to improve the Henry Ford Health System. He is a leaders of leaders, and deserves this prestigous award!.

  6. Congratulations Dr. Marwan Abouljoud for this prestigious award! Keep up the great work you do everyday and it is an honor to have a physician like you in our community to be proud of.

  7. Congratulations Dr. Abouljoud on this well deserved award. Eight years ago you assisted our family in a very special way as we struggled with the physical and emotional trials of my father’s cancer. We will never forget you! From a patient standpoint, there is no other physician we would have wanted for my dad.

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