Leading the Way: The Future of Health Care

For the 2012 Henry Ford Hospital Grand Ball, we wanted to make a high-impact video that expresses the passion that we have for our great hospital’s past and its future.

Enter our creative partners from DBA. They donated their time and talent to create a video modeled after the popular TED talk format to serve as that vehicle.

Actors being far too expensive, we found someone else to read the lines. And read the lines…and read the lines. (How do actors do this every day?)

I hope the above video from the 2012 Grand Ball inspires, motivates and excites you about the future of health care at Henry Ford Hospital.

Change is coming, we are ready, we are Henry Ford Hospital.

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One thought on “Leading the Way: The Future of Health Care

  1. We are constantly inspired by the passion and innovation of Henry Ford Hospital. Everyone at DBA was thrilled to be able to help share the story of how Henry Ford is truly leading the way for the future of health care. We can’t wait to what is next!

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