Achieve in 2013

How’s that New Year’s resolution going so far? Are you eating healthier, spending more time at the gym, or finally writing the Great American Novel?

We all know that February can be a time when our resolutions begin to wane. You put in a pretty good effort for the first six weeks of the year, right?

So for those seeking motivation to carry on with their 2013 resolutions, I want you to watch this video:

Employees from across our hospital campus are working to ACHIEVE their 2013 goals – both personally and professionally.

I hope their work and determination will inspire all of us in our actions throughout 2013.

A very special thank you to those who starred in the video:

  • Gwendolyn Brown, Environmental Services
  • Dr. Steven Kalkanis, Neurosurgery and Center for Cancer Surgery
  • Michael Malecki, B1 inpatient floor
  • Jhonnie Miller, Transplant Living Community
  • Dan Murakami, System Facilities
  • Michael Nelson, Plant Operations
  • Lynette Norris, Environmental Services
  • Rafael Rivera, Security Services
  • Beth Rubinstein, Transplant Living Community
  • Otis Sammons, Plant Operations
  • Carla West, MICU, Pod 6
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