Get Ready, ‘Cause Here We Come!’

I love Motown.

Both the City and the music.

Smokey, Marvin, Supremes, Mary Wells, Four Tops, Temptations. I grew up on this music. It gave me pride, and I listened and danced to it when I was a kid (in a previous century).

How great is it that Hitsville USA (the Motown Museum) is down the street from Henry Ford Hospital on the Boulevard? The Motown sound defines Detroit and is a rich part of the history of the city. Just like Henry Ford Hospital.

So when we were looking for a song to use in this year’s employee video for the annual Grand Ball hospital fundraiser, a Motown hit was an obvious choice.

I know one of our competitors has used a Four Tops number to be part of their marketing program. I applaud their taste and their use of “Detroit Products, Detroit Pride.”

But for our video, we found a hit that is enduring and not only highlights our Motown connection, but signifies the future of health care at Henry Ford, in that:

– Change is coming
– We are ready
– We are Henry Ford
– Get ready, ‘cause here we come!’

The above video received laughs, cheers and applause at last weekend’s Grand Ball. And it’s no surprise; the video features members our talented, positive and amazing health care team at Henry Ford Hospital.

Before you comment on the dancing of the CEO, I want to point out:

– It is hard to dance wearing a lab coat
– It is even harder to dance while holding a ball
– I couldn’t hear the music
– No one wants a CEO who can dance better than they can
– I sing just as good as I dance
– Dr. Dre can’t dance either

So enjoy our dance number.

Who knew we had so many great dancers walking our hallways!  By the way, standing on a Segway isn’t dancing.

Thanks to all who participated in this video.

I hope you enjoy the subtle tribute to Korean rapper PSY that I provide in the video.

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8 thoughts on “Get Ready, ‘Cause Here We Come!’

  1. This is terrific! What a great way to convey the importance of the upcoming changes and keep up morale! Thanks, Dr. Popovich!

  2. This video makes me SO proud to work for Henry Ford. I keep playing it, because it makes me feel good. Thank you, this is the best medicine.

  3. This video makes me proud as a board and committee member to be working for HFWB and HFHS

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