At Your Service

Ever show up at a new location for an important event or meeting, maybe a new city, say a hotel or large office building, and your first response is: “Where am I, and where do I go?”

I certainly have (unfortunately that is happening to me even when I go to an old location!).

No map or sign ever seems to be good enough to navigate, although I do like instructions like “follow the yellow arrow.” 

Isn’t it great when someone takes the time to direct you and escort you to where you need to go?

Coming to a large, hospital in an unfamiliar city to navigate your way through an already complex System, is … quite frankly, overwhelming.

As we work toward making it simple to get around a very large institution like Henry Ford Hospital, we have learned from the hotel industry that there is no substitute for a person to help patients through an anxiety.

Regardless of where you’re traveling, it is not uncommon to be assisted by a concierge team when checking into your hotel. You may be greeted by a concierge member who shares with you any necessary information you may need for your stay and he or she is available at any time to answer your questions and concerns.

When coming to a new hospital and clinic, this type of service is vital to lessen the stress and make sure the patient and family can concentrate on the medical issues and return to health.

I was given the opportunity to shadow Delise Baker, one of Henry Ford Hospital’s concierge members  from the Referring Physician’s Office.

With approximately 40 percent of outstate growth patients coming to the hospital from more than 35 miles away, this is not only an added customer service amenity for our patients – it’s a necessity.

Delise helps ensure hospital visits are as worry-free as possible for patients and their families.

And I have to say, if you’re going to be greeted by anyone in a time of distress, Delise is the kind, strong and knowledgeable person you want at your service.

Delise, as well as her other concierge counterparts, assist outstate growth patients with directions, appointment scheduling, guest housing, and more.

When the out-of-town patient arrives at HFH, they are not only greeted at the door and escorted to their appointment, surgery, treatment, etc., but are also visited at least once during their stay. It’s easy to see how Delise and the patients often become close.

It’s also no surprise that patients love having a contact they know and trust to call or email with questions or feedback at any time before, during, or after their stay.

In addition to outstate patients, Delise works closely with patients from both the Center for Cancer Surgery and Structural Heart Disease Program.

To further help patients with the intricacies of health care, Delise helps with a program called Inside Connection.

Inside Connection allows employees to help their friends and family members easily gain access to services at Henry Ford. Through checking the submissions daily, Delise works with the employee and recommended patient to schedule the requested appointments as quickly as possible.

After my time with Delise, it is clear her passion for her job is only superseded by her passion for people and patients.

Her service excellence skills continue to impress those around her, and she works hard to foster patients’ relationships with Henry Ford, every encounter, every time.

So the next time you see Delise and her colleagues escorting patients, take a moment to thank her for her dedication to service excellence.

If you are a HFHS employee and would like to refer a friend through Inside Connection, click here.  Outstate patients interested in the Referring Physician Office may follow this link.

Now, where am I supposed to go?

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