The Annual Quality Expo

This week marked Henry Ford Health System’s 21st Annual Quality Expo.

The Quality Expo, hosted at Henry Ford Hospital, offers an opportunity for all of Henry Ford Health System to showcase the innovations and improvements made by our employees, departments and hospitals in the areas of health care quality, patient safety and care delivery.

Leo, a therapy dog at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, is one of the most remarkable therapists that I have ever encountered. Leo and HFWH’s Pet Therapy Program were featured at the Quality Expo.

Henry Ford is the only health care provider in southeast Michigan to host such an event.

The Quality Expo’s features 70 projects, all of which are aimed at reducing medical errors and improving patient safety, quality and satisfaction.

As always at this event, I was truly impressed, as I walked through the poster presentations and spoke with colleagues, by the tremendous work being done by our health care teams to continuously enhance quality and safety throughout the system.

I did stop to see one of our employees, Leo, a therapy dog at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.

Leo is one of the most remarkable therapists that I have ever encountered.  He is calm, friendly, and extraordinarily soothing, and part of a great program of pet therapy throughout our System.  Within minutes of being with him, all of my concerns and anxieties were gone.

(Of course, my own dog, Co Co, previously feature in Doc In the D, continues to be the one I confide in the most.  Co Co’s colleague, Mr. Mo, aka Uncle Mo, provides coverage as needed. Sometimes both are needed to “treat” me.) 

We also had the honor of hosting featured speaker David J. Brailer, M.D., Ph.D., most commonly known as the first “health information czar” under the administration of President George W. Bush. Dr. Brailer is now the chairman and founder of Health Evolution Partners, a private equity fund focused on the health care industry.

During the past two decades, he has shaped the evolution of health care through his work as a physician, researcher, educator and policymaker.  His talk was a look into the future of health care information technology and its implications for providing care.

Thank you to all of you who made this Quality Expo another great example of what drives Henry Ford to continuously improve.

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  1. Hi – loved the coverage of Leo. I had the pleasure of meeting him, and more importantly, the pleasure of working with his “mom”, Karen Bell, from the Quality /Risk department at Wyandotte. What a terrific team of HFHS employees! Thanks for including them both in Doc in the D.

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