Henry Ford Hospital Gives Thanks

It’s time to call in a refill on that prescription I wrote last Thanksgiving. No, not the one where I encourage extra helpings of turkey and pumpkin pie (though, it’s okay to indulge just for one day).

This prescription is about giving thanks, something that research has shown to have a positive impact on your emotional and physical health.

As you’ll see in this video, many members of our outstanding health care team have already filled the prescription and shared their reasons for being thankful.

So now it’s your turn.

To our team who gives so much each and every day to care for others at Henry Ford, please consider sharing in the comments section below what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.

And let’s not forget the “giving” part of Thanksgiving!

I know that many of you will use your time off work this holiday weekend to give back to the community. I’d love to read about your plans in the comments section.

I’d also like to give a heartfelt “thanks” to everyone on our health care team who will be working over the holiday weekend.  We are so grateful to have you on our team and for all that you give of yourselves to return our patients to good health.

Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving!

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4 thoughts on “Henry Ford Hospital Gives Thanks

  1. I really enjoyed all your broadcast with everyone giving thanks,I’m thankful for my entire family and the fact that I have a good job here at hfhs, and that my health is o’kay,I’m happy that the work that we do here ,help some of our patients, God Bless our united states and our world !

  2. I am so thankful the many simple blessings in life. I started at hfh 26.5 as a student doing a internship (I was a welfare mom at the time). I was offered a job before my intership was done. I was so thankful that I would be working for a large hospital like HFH. Over the years I have returned to school and became a nurse (something I dreamed of since age six). There are many people that worked with my school schedule to let me achevie my success (RN’s, MA’s, adminsators and others). I have been hungrey at times and homeless for a very short period in my life also. I gave food to a food bank this week end. I know what it is like not to know where your food is coming from. I thank God, Family, Friends and HFHS for being there for me when I need help and encouragement. Please do something for someone you do not know and except nothing in return but that you did do something instead of nothing. I hope that you, your family, friends,and any group that is in your life have a VERY WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING.

  3. I am thankful for the priviledge of working at Henry Ford, and for my 2 beautiful, sweet girls, my mother and family, and for all God’s love and blessings. We are blessed to be a blessing.

  4. I am thankful for my family, friends, and health. I am thankful to Henry Ford Health System for allowing me to make a difference every day in someone’s life; whether it is though a kind word, a friendly smile, or an introduction to a new physician making a difference in the medical community. I am truly thankful for all the blessings I have been given.

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