Dr. Clean: Shadowing an OR Custodian

If there’s one thing that Walk in My Shoes proves, it’s that every one of our employees at Henry Ford Hospital plays an important role in patient care. Not to mention, it really highlights what an incredibly talented and customer service-orientated team we have here.

This time around, I had the opportunity to shadow one of our dedicated operating room custodians, Katrina Walker.

Wasting no time, Katrina put me to work.

Mop in hand, Katrina showed me the proper cleaning techniques used in the OR. (I just hope my wife doesn’t see this and get any ideas).

In all seriousness, I hope everyone understands how hard this work is, physically demanding, on your feet, and orchestrating all the activities to keep the operating room flowing.

Similar to the actual surgeries, each case is treated differently, with different equipment and techniques used to clean each time. Katrina and her team religiously scrub each room for infection control purposes, giving repetitive attention to each crevice and necessary detail.

Not only do I admire Katrina’s dedication and spirit, but also the pure speed and efficiency at which she is able to work.

Did you know the custodians only have 3 to 5 minutes to turn over a room in the OR?

And Katrina’s job is not limited to cleaning.

With the help of Katrina and her teammates, each OR is fully stocked and ready to go with equipment needed by the nurses, surgeons, and operating team.

Katrina and the Environmental Services team play an incredibly important and vital role in the success of each surgery performed at Henry Ford Hospital.

The above video offers a glimpse into my experience with Katrina.

If you have a question for Katrina about her job, please post it in the below comments section.


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6 thoughts on “Dr. Clean: Shadowing an OR Custodian

  1. I enjoyed reading and watching this. Katrina, on behalf of HFHS, we appreciate you. Dr. Popovich, I admire you for taking the time to do this. You’re a great sport. Thank you for sharing this,

  2. Is it possible to get her to come and clean our area? Several attempts to explain the importance of thoroughly cleaning our area has resulted in no additional effort. Every area should be cleaned as thoroughly as this.

  3. No question – but it’s great to see someone who may have been taken for granted hightlighted. I’m sure it is hard work and they are often not noticed, they’re in the background. But they are a piece of the Henry Ford puzzle and without them the picture is not complete. Thanks for your hard work and pride in that work Katrina!

  4. This is awesome. I’m personally thankful for the job that Katrina does. Having had surgery last year at the main campus I had no idea what goes into preparing the surgical rooms. Kudos to Katrina!!

  5. Kudos Katrina, you did an excellent job. Hskg is an important job, not everybody is passionate enough to do such a delicate and controlled job especially in an environment that store germs of all nature. All employees at Henry Ford and every hospital in the world needs help in keeping our work space clean to help out our EVS employees.

  6. I work with Katrina and she is always pleasant and positive. My comment to her.
    More people should take her attitude of serving and not of just getting athough I
    do find this contagious lately at HFHS,It truly changes the perspective of how you
    think in general and makes your job and life more joyful!

    Way to live Katrina!

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