Eat This, Not That: Shadowing a Henry Ford Hospital Dietitian

It’s no secret that health and wellness is a hot topic of discussion, especially on Doc in the D.  Seems like a lot more of our employees and others are becoming more “engaged” in establishing new and healthy habits. 

So I thought it would be interesting to walk in the shoes of an expert who deals directly with health, wellness and one of our favorite topics on this blog…food.

I recently shadowed Rebecca Trepasso, a registered dietitian at Henry Ford Hospital, who cares for some of our sickest patients in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit.

Rebecca is another great example of Henry Ford employees – committed, professional, expert and funny.

(I still am working on convincing her that pizza does have all major food groups represented and truly is the perfect food.  Once I do that, it is on to Buffalo wings and fries.)

But seriously…

Rebecca works daily with patients to educate them on their dietary needs and how to best follow the dietary plan created by their health care team.

She’s also a preceptor in the Henry Ford Hospital Dietetic Internship Program, mentoring promising students within the Dietary Department.

During our time together, Rebecca showed me how she uses information technology in caring for her patient case load, the many processes and steps she goes through daily to educate her patients, and how she supports students.

But her work doesn’t end there.

Like so many at Henry Ford Hospital, Rebecca infuses service excellence into each and every patient interaction.

You may be noticing a pattern here.

Similar to previous Walk in My Shoes participants, Rebecca is all about the patients and their care. She has a positive attitude and is consistently striving to deliver the best possible care to our patients. 

So how does she do it?

Rebecca says she always pushes herself to learn more, utilizing the many educational resources available to everyone at Henry Ford Hospital.

By broadening her knowledge and education, Rebecca says she’s better able to evolve and adapt to the needs of our patients.

And teaching – which Rebecca does with students on a daily basis and through regular interactions with employees, patients and guests – has also proven to have many benefits.

Finally, she works with the team of care providers and interacts with all of them multiple times per day.

Patient care, teaching, team work, just like most of what we do at The Henry Ford Hospital.

Rebecca’s positive attitude, passion for service excellence, and respect for her fellow team members and students are all evident in the above video.

If you have a question for Rebecca about her job, or how she strives for service excellence, please post it in the below comments section.

All that makes me hungry.

How about a chocolate donut, I mean, a few apple slices?

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