A Thanksgiving Rx: It’s Good for Your Health to Give Thanks

Last November, I wrote a Thanksgiving-themed post about the positive impact a grateful and positive attitude can have on one’s emotional and physical health.

So in the spirit of good health, I want to try something a bit different this year on Doc in the D. I would like my 2011 Thanksgiving blog post to be about you, the team of health care workers who give of themselves daily to care for others.

If giving thanks truly is good for your health, it’s something that every CEO should prescribe (especially if he or she is a doctor).

Here’s my Thanksgiving prescription to you:
In the comments section on this page, tell me what you’re thankful for in your life, your career, your families, your friends, or the simple comforts in life.

Think of it as a virtual Thanksgiving table, where we all have a turn to share and give thanks for what makes us happy in life.

During the week of Thanksgiving, I’ll randomly select some of your responses to feature on Doc in the D and the Henry Ford Hospital Facebook page!

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29 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Rx: It’s Good for Your Health to Give Thanks

  1. I am a patient, so certainly you hear of gratitude every day. I started out in this world with a positive attitude. Always believe in that kind of power! It’s healing in so many ways. I have been in and out of hospitals since the age of 7. I am now 41 and had my birthday recovering from a simultaneous kidney/pancreas transplant. Much like how I spent Halloween 1977, hospitalized and learning how to take insulin injections. I was 7. Never have I experienced such a devoted, loving, dedicated team as I did at Henry Ford. Like Chiquita,Tony and Dr. Jason Denny!!! So many more I’d be here all day. Positive energy is spreading like wild fire and I would know. No need to take cover, let it thrive! I can continue to live cause of all of you. Continue to spread my positive attitude single handed which makes me happy. Especially knowing I have an entire health system on my side that IS making differences in serious, huge ways! I’m thankful you are out there doing things right! You should all be beaming with pride,
    Much love and respect,

  2. The staff at Maplegrove work with people that have lost hope that recovery can ever happen for them. We teach them gratitude and hope every day. Today I want to share how grateful I am for team Maplegrove. This includes Cozine that cleans our floors to our Doctors, nurses, csrs, cd techs, business office, kitchen, and med. records. We are a family that cares about the patient and each other that is why it works. I tell the patients before you go to sleep tonight pick one thing that you are grateful for… Try it!!

  3. I’m thankful to the Lord that I am HERE to enjoy another Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season; that the Lord allowed me to WALK AWAY from a serious roll-over collision on I-275 on a Sunday evening this past July (my car was totalled)……AND come to work the next morning with only minor bumps and bruises and see all my patients!

    From now on EVERY Thanksgiving and Christmas season will be extra special!

    And glad I’m still here for my patients, family, and friends!

  4. I am thankful for the many drs and nurses on my care team here at Henry Ford that have gotten me through the last couple years of a chronic illness. It is because of them that I get to enjoy another Thanksgiving with my family, friends and co-workers.

    Thank you!

  5. I am thankful that I am so Blessed with an awesome family and the best friends and coworkers anyone could ask for. I can see the Lords hand in my life every day!

  6. I am thankful to not only be gainfully employed, but to be employed by a healthcare system of which I am extremely proud. I have been with the system for 20 years, and it only seems to get better with age. I’m grateful that I have been able to practice in various positions around the system, from Pharmacy Coordinator in the Ambulatory Pharmacy, to Clinical/Operational Pharmacist at the Center for Senior Independence, to Pharmacy Manager for the HFMG Ambulatory Anticoagulation Services. Along the way, I’ve met and befriended a variety of professionals, each of whom possess tremendous dedication to our patients and our system. I am particularly grateful to be currently working with a highly motivated group of Anticoagulation Nurses, Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals who have consistently put each patient first and have sustained a very successful program. Thank you!

  7. I have had it good since my marriage to my wonderful wife, Kathy. We were able to have two beautiful children, Danielle and Zak, 27 and 25 years old respectively. Now we are enjoy the rest of our time with each other doing things that make us happy like camping, hiking and spending each day with no regrets. Thanksgiving will be GRAND. All will be there and we are very thankful to say the least. Family is and always has been #1 in my life.

  8. I have honestly never felt more comfortable coming into a new organization than I have at Henry Ford Hospital. One Ford Place and all of its staff are extremely pleasant and it makes you give thanks that there are polite, caring people such as this in the world. I would like to give thanks to all of my wonderful family and all my great friends, which makes life worth living!

  9. I am Thankful to the Lord for my beautiful daughter and in times like these more than ever for my job here at HFHS. It is such a blessing to work for a this organization.

  10. I’m thankful God has placed two lovely daughters in my life. Their innocence, the joy they bring, and the smiles they inspire are unmatched in this world.

  11. In a culture where we are increasingly being bombarded by messages of fear and blame, being grateful is a revolutionary act. There is so much to be grateful for in our lives if we are willing to look past the external messages and into our authentic human experience. Gratitude may be one of the best antidotes for a sick spirit and, unlike many things in life, it is an attitude choice that we have total control of. It is not unique to people suffering from addictive disorders to believe that, “…it’s never enough”. My wish for all of us during this holiday season is to be able to, more times than not, truly believe that our lives are “more than enough”! Happy Holidays, Joe

  12. Well, we’ve had a tough, complicated year. Accident, serious illness, moved our home, money is tight–it goes on and on. In all of this I see the sunshine, friends who have stepped up to help, prayers and good wishes from people I don’t even know, a great job, a warm house, love I can feel all around, a brand new grandaughter (#2!). Am I thankful? You bet I am!

  13. I am retiring December 31st after 27 years with HF Optimeyes as GM of Roseville. I am gratefully for the wonderful mentoring from Nanette Michaels, the awesome staff and woking for a great company. I am leaving with a song in my heart and on my own 2 feet!

  14. I feel blessed each and everyday when I wake up and I am on top of the grass! I am not only an employee for 24 yrs. I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnoised with Non-Hodgekins Lymphomia Oct.29th,1998. A day that you never forget! I was seen by Dr. Thomas Doyle @ Henry Ford WBLM., went thru a series of tests and biopsy and staging. Thru all of these tests we are very emotional, stressed, and worried what the out come would be, I have to say thru all my experiances I always felt warmth, kindness and compassion from the team in the oncology department at W.Blm. and also at HFH.Main Campus.
    I have had radiation and chemo from both areas. I have discovered that the people who work in this stressfull enviroment/department truely love their jobs. I am Thankful for my husband Tony, we have been married for 38yrs., I have two wonderful daughters, son in laws and 4 grand children. I am Thankful to the Lord, and my Doctors at Henry Ford Hospital /Medical Centers for their knowledge and technology.
    Everyday that we wake up is truely a great day.

  15. I am thankful for every breath I take without pain. When I have an itch, I can reach it and scratch. If I am in pain I can say something and have insurance to see a doctor. When my car was down, my legs still work. I don’t need assistance, when I need to go to the bathroom. Oh yeah! I woke up this morning. Anotlher day to get it right. Thank you Jesus!

  16. I am thankful for many things, but one that really makes me happy is the fact I have a family to spend Thanksgiving with!

  17. Positive attitudes and joy are very infectious and I thrive on both. I am grateful for a team of wonderful, caring, joyful people and for a loving family to spend my “off” hours with. God gave us all the ability to be the best we can be – it is up to us to use our gifts or abuse them.

  18. I am grateful to be part of my Mothers family. There is no other love and comfort that I feel more than when I am with them. We are a slightly rambunctious family but the love between them and including me is like nothing else in this world. It took me till I was an adult (more than 30) to appreciate how amazing that love and acceptance is. One more note I have not have a drop of alcohol in my life for more than 33 years. That in itself is miracle because I never would have believed it could happen.

  19. I’m thankful for family and friends. I’m thankful for my job, home, freedom in our country, and for my faith. I’m thankful for so many things — including that wonderful feeling that comes with smiling & laughing.

    I believe that being grateful is a very important ingredient for keeping up a good attitude. I’ve written a song about this theme called “Makin’ the Best of What You’ve Got” — it’s posted on hfvoice.com. Hope you enjoy it — and maybe find yourself singing or humming it to get a “little upward bump” in your disposition.

  20. As I contemplate my life with a disabled husband, a son in Korea, a son unemployeed, a granddaughter with a new baby, a 19 year old grandson who recently passed away and an 88 year old father who I check on daily, I sometimes wonder what am I thankful for…….but I have a job, a roof over my head, food in the pantry and a loving family. I am also thankful for the smiling faces of my fellow employees which set the tone for my day….making each day a celebration of life.

  21. Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to work for one of the most amazing departments in health care. I’m blessed to see our transplant patients regain their life and take control of it once more.

  22. I am so thankful for the great team I work with in the Center for Health Policy and Health Services Research. There is wonderful support and follow-through with this crew. On the home front, I am so thankful for family and friends. We just moved my elderly parents and what an incredible positive experience it was to give back to those who gave so much.

  23. I am exponentially and infinitely thankful, grateful and appreciative for the small things many take for granted or cannot relate to. I grew up in a Detroit neighborhood where single parent homes and welfare was the norm. Guys weren’t “law-abiding” and the girls were their girlfriends. If you graduated high school you were doing great. I was able to rise above my surroundings and can now feed and clothe myself and my son and keep a roof over ours heads with all utilities on and reliable transportation. Sounds simple? I am so thankful for the small things and I have great parents to look up to:-)

  24. I am thankful everyday for the opportunity to be a part of a great healthcare system that focuses on patients, quality and safety! I am humbled by my colleagues and the incredible miracles that occur at Henry Ford Hospital daily because of their knowledge, skill and dedication. I love this place! It is wonderful to help patients and their families and make a difference in their lives.
    I am also thankful for my wonderful husband, children and friends who are all healthy and well. This is the family that keeps me going everyday. The love and support we give each other is my greatest treasure and joy in life.

  25. I am extremely thankful to all of the TLC (Transplant Living Community) volunteer ambassadors who give of their time freely and with passion. All TLC volunteers are transplant recipients of Henry Ford Hospital and their dedication to the principles of TLC has surpassed anyone’s expectations from a group of closely knit volunteers who exemplify the ACES in every way possible! (Attitude, Compliance, Exercise, and Support) We have become family over the past three years and I would be lost with out their support. I am truly inspired as I step back and watch how TLC volunteers mentor, educate, encourage, and give hope to patients and their families as they traverse the path to and through organ transplant. Patients inspiring fellow patients and touching every heart with care and compassion. A new dimension to the Henry Ford Experience! May each and every TLC volunteer ambassador be blessed with continued good health, happiness, and a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! Thanks for giving real meaning to the Gift of Life and sharing it with so many others. My humble words of thanks pale to what I really feel in my heart. A hug of deep appreciation to all of you. I am so thankful!

  26. I am Thankful, and Greatful, for the gifts GOD has given me in my life. My health, is my greatest gift. Working in health care and taking care of a sick family member brings this home to me everyday. Being able to spend another holiday with my family and friends is a great Blessing, because tomorrow is not guaranteed !

  27. I am thankful for so many things! My husband and I are expecting our first child in June and we are thrilled. I’m thankful we will have a new baby in the family next Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for my husband who is my very best friend and the 8 years we have spent, and the many years ahead for us. I am grateful for my sisters and nephew who make me laugh and make me feel loved.
    I am thankful to have any job at all, but especially here at Henry Ford. I work in a wonderful office with great people who make coming to work each day a pleasure. I have a paycheck coming every two weeks, and that’s more than so many people in metro-Detroit and the rest of the country are able to say. I have health insurance, a great PCP, and access to prenatal care; I have health coverage for my family, and that means so much.
    I am thankful for the past behind me and the lessons I have learned, and grateful beyond measure for the future ahead of me and all the hopes and dreams I still have so much time to fulfill.

  28. I am truly thankful for life and health. God has truly blessed me. I am very thankful for my position at Henry Ford. I have worked with so many amazing employees and met so many patients whom I care for so much. Thankful for family and friends and my church family, too.

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