One Word to Define a Hospital

I often talk about the power of words. The power of even a single word or groups of single words can be expressive and defining.

Henry Ford Hospital Word Collage

What words do you think define The Henry Ford Hospital?

In a previous blog piece I talked about the word “believe,” as it relates to the work and goals of The Henry Ford Hospital. That word resonates in my thoughts, and often times, moves into my descriptions of what we do here in Detroit.

I would like you to try something similar.

If you could only pick one word to describe Henry Ford Hospital, what would it be?

Throughout my career at Henry Ford, that “word” has changed.

When I was a resident, it may have been “stimulating.”

When I became a staff physician, it may have been “rewarding.”

Now that I have the privilege of being the President and CEO, the words might be “world-class,” “innovative,” “trend-setting” and “meaningful.”

I’d like to know the one word you think best describes Henry Ford Hospital, so please post your word in the comments section below.

Once I have your suggestions, we’ll create a word collage (like the image posted above) and share it on the blog.

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48 thoughts on “One Word to Define a Hospital

  1. My one word would be “OUTSTANDING”. As a RN for Henry Ford, I feel our care and concern for all our patients needs has always been first class, (outstanding in other words). Whether the economy was good or bad, the care at Henry Ford remained top notch.
    As one of Southeast Michigan premier Healthcare organization we continue to be outstanding in the way we practice medicine. I’m very proud to be part of this great institution, and never hesitate to tell anyone who asks where I work, or where I would go for my own healthcare needs.

  2. Welcoming

    This fits two ways, as a verb and as an adjective. HFHS receives gladly all who come here, patients, families and staff, while everyone who represents HFHS is very approachable.

  3. Perserverance

    HFH has continued its purpose through the difficulties and the obstacles of the economic sitiuation.

  4. Compassion

    Defined as sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it – That is Henry Ford Health System.

  5. “HUMANISTIC” Because, first and foremost, our patients are living, breathing human beings who have privileged us to care for their health needs. That is also why I’m proud to work here.

  6. Thinking of Henry Ford the hospital founder and his legacy, I would suggest Revolutionary.

    This reflects the life changing impact HFHS has on everyone it touches and the goal to radically improve both the outcomes and the care processes in the industry.

    Kind of like Henry did with bringing affordable mobility to the country , being a significant part of the shift from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy, and radically altering the USA.

    HFHS has the ability to do that as we shift from a manufacturing to an information based society, Now all we need to do is accellerate the transformation. The old model of requiring patients to be in the physical presence of Docs and requiring Docs to be the only significant care givers is fading fast.

  7. Phenomenal: remarkable: remarkably and impressively great. That’s it in a nutshell.

  8. Encompassing

    Henry Ford is made up of a number of things. Innovation, experimentation, investigation, compassion, change, caring, committment, humane, etc. All of these things contribute to making Henry what it is. Not just one thing.

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