Defining The Henry Ford Hospital

As I frequently say (I know that I repeat myself too often) the power of a single word is enormous:  the power to inspire, to motivate, to describe.

When I asked employees of The Henry Ford Hospital to give me the one word they believe best defines the patient care, medicine and expertise found here, the response was overwhelming.

I didn’t just get one word; I got more than 50.

Those words more than embodied the diversity, knowledge and care that patients have come to expect from The Henry Ford Hospital.  Our services and activities are so broad in nature I knew one word wasn’t going to cut it.

I am truly impressed with the outpouring of these expressions of your engagement.

The main reason we are a great hospital is because of you and the teams you are a part of.

These are the words that describe you and your work.

Thank all of you for your overwhelmingly positive response. Check out the above finished product…pretty cool.

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