What You’ve Always Wanted to Know – But Were Afraid to Ask – About Health Care Marketing

Health care marketing and promotion has become an important component of getting the message out about providers and organizations. Resources, both financial and human, have been added by all institutions to meet the increasing emphasis on providing a media face for these purposes.

Many of the best talents in writing and public relations have been drawn to this industry’s unique challenges and to meet the instant message information age in which we live.

Henry Ford was very fortunate to recruit to our department of public relations and marketing several premier health care writers who have made the transition from journalistic prose to communication in short memorable sound bites that can be used either in print or radio/television media.

I caught up to one of our marketing professionals (name withheld) recently for an interview about his perspectives on Henry Ford:

Dr. Popovich (JP): I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to docinthed.com about your career and perspectives about health care media.

Marketing Professional (MP): We’re Henry Ford. We can.

JP: You have moved from a writer of great prose to a marketing phraseologist. Where did you take yourself to make this transformation?

MP: Beyond the boundaries of the imagination.

JP: I am not sure what that means, but I have always been impressed with your support of the academic mission of Henry Ford Hospital and the Henry Ford Medical Group. Why the passion about this?

MP: Knowledge heals.

JP: Yes, teaching and education are very important in providing the best care. You have highlighted the over 700 residents and fellows training at Henry Ford and the $70 million annual research program.

MP: That’s the Henry Ford difference.

JP: Well, it certainly is one of them. Let’s move on. Henry Ford Hospital was founded in 1915 by the auto pioneer of the same name. What is the advantage of this longevity within the city?

MP: We have been a part of city for over 95 years. We will always be there for you.

JP: I apologize for the interruption of Motown music playing while you were answering.

Another Ford advantage is the 1,200 members of the Henry Ford Medical Group. How valuable has it been to promote one the oldest and largest medical groups in the country?

MP: Do you have a Henry Ford doctor?

JP: I do, but can I ask how you got that ominous music to play when you said that?

Anyway, what more can you tell us about the Henry Ford Medical Group?

MP: Better doctors. Better care.

JP: Could you say a bit more about this?

MP: Remarkable medicine. Remarkable care.

JP: OK. How does this great care occur at Henry Ford Hospital?

MP: We have a passion for healing.

JP: Let’s shift gears to some of our world-class Centers of Excellence. What are the advantages of having world class specialists working together in these areas?

MP: We specialize in you.

JP: Can you talk a bit more about these specialties, like the Edith and Benson Ford Heart and Vascular Institute?

MP: Henry Ford Cardioteam One.

JP: Actually, I believe that term name is used by one of our competitors.

MP: It’s our 30 minute guarantee.

JP: Sure. Could you say a bit about the Josephine Ford Cancer Center, one of the largest cancer treatment programs?

MP: All we do is cancer.

JP: We do a great deal more than that. What about the regional hospitals in the Henry Ford Health System, like Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital?

MP: Smaller size. Big results.

JP: What is the reason to choose Henry Ford to provide your care?

MP: Get better here.  We’re ready for you.

JP: I know the hour is late, and I think you may be confusing some of the information.

MP: We bring good things to life. Taste the Pepsi difference. Where’s the beef? Have it your way. Have you driven a Ford lately?

JP: Thank you for all of you insights into how we in health care communicate to our market.

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  1. This article was very entertaining. I really enjoyed it. I can only hope that more such creativity will be exercised on behalf of HFHS.

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