What’s On Your Mind? No Topic Off-Limits, Except “Jersey,” Dr. Dre, Aliens…

I am pausing at this time (sort of like the NHL season break), asking for you to blog back to me. 

What’s on your mind about The Henry Ford Hospital, health care, work, life, the City of Detroit, or any other topic that you want to share your perspectives as employees, health care workers, patients, citizens or anyone else?

Post your questions below in the comments section. But before you do…

There are several topics that I would like to keep off of this site (although if you so choose overwhelmingly, I can be persuaded to change my mind). 

The off-limit topics include:

1. Anything to do with a reality TV program, especially those with terms in the title such as “Jersey,” “Housewives,” “The Real,” or “Island.”

2. Dr. Dre, or at least until he completes medical school.

3. Aliens, past, present, or future; alien societies, alien ancestors, alien abduction, SETI, or other extraterrestrial subjects. Speculation on the planet of origin of certain senior HFH leaders is acceptable.

4. High fashion, although hospital couture, or lack thereof, is fair game.

5. Criticism of the Detroit Red Wings, in particular Nicklas Lidstrom, Patty Eaves, Justin Abdulkader (Spartan pride) or Westland’s own, Mike Modano.

6. Old, unresolved arguments like “Great Taste, Less Filling“; “It’s a breath mint, no it’s a candy mint”; “Which high school conference do Ivy League football teams play”; and so on.

7. The Oscars, the Golden Globes or any other such awards that shun the high art of the films of Rutger Hauer. Although films about medicine, hospitals or the field in general may be discussed.

8. Chicago or New York style, whether it be pizza, hot dogs, music or any other item associated with those two cities.

9.Warm weather cities. Except, we can discuss this in the summer when LA hits 110 degrees and Miami’s humidity is the equivalent of Absopure.

10. Any posting by my wife asking me to pick up my clothes, papers, golf clubs or anything else around the house.

Now that the ground rules are set, let’s hear it from you. 

For any threads that create multiple responses, we will create a separate blog entry to emphasize the topic.

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9 thoughts on “What’s On Your Mind? No Topic Off-Limits, Except “Jersey,” Dr. Dre, Aliens…

  1. Now that the final plans are in place for the migration of CP classic to CPNG this year, I would recommend that an update of the status of the plans to partner with McKesson be included in upcoming town hall meetings.
    As I recall, the question for an update was asked at a previous town hall in 2010 and at that time Bob Riney had indicated an internal review of due diligance had been completed however the findings and action plan has never been disclosed.

  2. What’s up with the poor road conditions around the hospital?? There seems to be only one usable lane or in some cases there has been no plowing done at all. I park in the McDonald’s lot and getting off the shuttle and into the lot is treacherous. Couldn’t this be shoveled at least?? There is a lot of unsafe conditions on our surrounding roads.

  3. Topic: Working Out, why it’s so hard to start a workout program, why it’s hard to stick to a workout program, and where do I find the motivation to workout??
    I’m a relatively healthy woman, but when it comes down to either working out or going to get cheesesticks with my friends I’m going to choose the latter. Is there any advice you can give me to push me in the direction of a better me?

  4. I would love to be able to workout at the Fitness center but the monthly fees are way too high, even with our employee discount. At last inquiry it was close to $50 per month. There are many other gyms that offer the same thing for under $20 a month. Why can’t we work something out with the cost? Or even better, set up a gym on each site so employees can use it during lunch, breaks or after work? With the health system’s push toward healthy living, it seems this subject has not been seriously addressed.

  5. WIth the cost of leaving increasing rapidly I feel strongly that we all need a “cost of living” pay increase. Gas prices alone are going to continue to rise and I can contest that most employees live out of the city. I love working at Henry Ford but if gas and other commodities continue to rise then I may have to search for employment closer to home.

  6. The recent Live Midtown incentive has got me thinking about matters of the community and the city. I wonder how many of us think about the challenges Detroit faces in the coming years with a positive outlook and the belief that we can do something about it. I’d like to hear more about events in the surrounding community and highlight the role HFH plays in developing the area.

  7. I like the new video, but personally, with the abundance of musical riches all around (ie, in Detroit!), I think a better soundtrack could have been chosen (ie, not just Eminem or Kid Rock, but tons of local bands, too).
    Also, to those asking about working out – from what I’ve seen and heard from friends and others, it’s really hard to get into working out when you’re older. I was desperate to lose weight in my early 20s (after trying different diets, I LOVE food 🙂 and started working out then. I LOVE it now and take a variety of classes (muscle training, cardio/aerobics/step/kickbox, pilates, etc.). Life wouldn’t be the same without it. Also, it’s a good idea to try and find a sport you like that will fit the season (skating/skiing/swimming/horseback riding/running, etc.). Then it’s more fun than “working out.”
    I think that’s why if you have kids, it’s doubly important to get active while they’re young, so it becomes a part of their lifestyle without really thinking about it too much.

  8. Why there is no help for MLPN that would like to go to school for their RN? What happen to educating our own for our own.Now do not get me wrong I love my job and enjoy coming to work,but there are some that when you say I am an MLPN the look at you kind of different.Got any answers for assitance or help in this area.

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