You Have Spoken: The Essential Food Groups

The polls have closed and all the votes have been counted. 

Without question, in a year of the passage of the most radical reform in American health care since the Medicare act, the number one issue on the minds of health care workers is – hold the drum roll – food.

Salary, benefits, work conditions, and even the foremost of all issues, parking, all take a second seat to food: the fuel, the nutrients, the comfort, the indigestion. 

I am a bit surprised that comments about the initial food blog did not include defenders of the traditional fare eaten by hospital employees.  

No defense of the hidden benefits of transfats or the delight in eating a cheese burger in 24 seconds; no cry to maintain high body mass just in case of famine or being left abandoned for days on the Lodge service drive. 

No claim that the combination of white flour, cheese, pepperoni and tomato sauce actually promotes vascular health. 

Comments from my food post actually centered on the benefits of healthy eating, and food lower in calories and salt, higher in nutritional value, more satisfying and – praise be – more tasty and satisfying.  

If it were that easy, we would have no need for armies or lawyers, and Dr. Dre would be dean of the medical school.

But we have heard you loud and clear.  

Over the next year, we will embark on substantive changes in menu, disclosure, availability, and nutritious offerings in the hospital cafeteria and on the medical campus. 

We are already to partner with others in the Health System to create best food practices and items. 

I do need your patience and your assistance, as well as your on-going suggestions. (And feel free to post your ideas below.) 

We will respond to those comments, as well as the overwhelming number of comments we received in our service award requests, qualifying employees for Lions-Bears tickets last week.

Fortunately, the Lions-Bears tickets were not in the “all you can eat” section of Ford Field.

You can be activated by requesting certain foods, helping others to eat nutritiously, and avoiding the purchase of foods that are on the list of offenders. 

Comments are powerful, but market forces speak much more loudly.

I need to end.

I just sent my assistant for a coffee and bear claw…I mean, make that a water and a half an apple.

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One thought on “You Have Spoken: The Essential Food Groups

  1. This may be of interest to you: JAMA Dec 1, 2010 –Vol-304, No. 21 pg. 2405
    Addressing Food Insecurity
    Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear

    Also Napoleon said: “An army marches on it’s stomach.”

    The side that eats is the side that wins.

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