Midnight Rounds: We All Play a Role in Patient Care


During my first midnight rounds as CEO, I got to see our “after hours” staff at work. 

In this post, I want to highlight a unique group of our hospital staff: Employees from environmental services – housekeepers and other maintenance and facility personnel.

They are often the unsung heroes of the hospital.

Every hospital requires extraordinary cleanliness and these are the people who make it happen.

Their work is a reflection of the institution and they’re a vital part of the health care team.

So when I spoke with the housekeepers during my midnight rounds, I told them an anecdote that I’m quite found of:

A housekeeper in the Johnson Space Center in the 1960s was once asked by a reporter, “What is your job?” And he responded: “My job is to get a man on the moon.”

That shows an incredible commitment and understanding of the important role that every person plays whether at a space center or a hospital.

I asked our housekeepers to keep that story in mind as they do their jobs.

I truly feel that ALL of our hospital employees play essential roles in the care and well-being of our patients.

I hope that if they are ever asked what their role is at Henry Ford Hospital that their response, much like the doctors, nurses and other care providers, would be: “To get our patients back to health.”


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One thought on “Midnight Rounds: We All Play a Role in Patient Care

  1. Thanks, Dr. Popovich, for this article. Many times the housekeepers are not recognized for the roles they play around the clock in patient satisfaction and infection control, You “get us”. We appreciate the recognition!

    Dolores Losey, Director
    Environmental Services
    Macomb Hospitals

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