Every Day Heroes

Everyone in health care has an opportunity to do heroic work. 

But some people go above and beyond.

In two separate incidents, four Henry Ford Hospital employees – a doctor and a nurse, and two transport workers – were heroic in ways many of us can only imagine.

The Doctor & The Nurse

While driving home from the hospital, a radiologists and a nurse saw a young man hit by a vehicle. 

The young man was running away from an angry group of high school students when he was struck by a vehicle and flung into the median of the road. 

The doctor and nurse stopped to attend to the young man’s injuries and called 911. 

But the group that was chasing the young man, now becoming a mob, yelled to them: “Leave him alone. Let him die.”

Personal epithets were escalated to physical threats.  

Without regard for their personal safety, the doctor and nurse stayed at the man’s side, protecting him and attending to his wounds until EMS and Detroit Police arrived on scene. 

This doctor and nurse are modern embodiments of the Good Samaritan.

The Transport Workers

Two young transport employees were walking to their cars after their shift had ended, when a car not far from them came screeching to a stop. 

The passenger door opened and a young gunshot wound victim was thrown out of the car. 

The car sped away and the two transporters ran to attend to the victim. 

They quickly realized that the person was poorly responsive, ashen and in shock – and they knew the emergency department was across the hospital campus, about a city block away. 

With quick and decisive minds, they found a nearby wheelchair, loaded the victim in it, and wheeled him – running – to the emergency department doors.  

The victim was in near cardiac arrest. But the trauma team stabilized him, whisked him to the OR and salvaged the young man’s life. 

In a situation where time to treatment is a decisive factor in survival, two non-clinical employees saved a life through their fast decisions, fast actions and even faster feet.

Even in a hospital where miracles occur daily, acts such as these are humbling and inspiring.

I’d love to hear your “everyday health care heroes” stories. Please feel free to share them below in the comments section.

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