A Message of Thanksgiving

“It turns out, giving thanks is good for your health.”

So starts a Nov. 23, 2010 piece  by columnist Melinda Beck in the Wall Street Journal

She goes on to detail how research demonstrates that being grateful can lead to better emotional, psychological and physical health. 

Additional work being performed on both physical and electronic social networks shows how positive and negative attitudes not only affect an individual, but also affect groups of individuals in similar ways. 

The founder of Henry Ford Hospital talked about wealth in a somewhat different manner than many of us.

“Health is the greatest wealth,” he said. 

Perhaps our greatest wealth might be gratitude and positivity.

All of us have much to be grateful, and our lives would be less fulfilled without some blessing, be that our family, our friends, or the simple comforts that make our moments better.

In addition to my family and friends, I am personally grateful to all of the health care workers through out the world (especially our Henry Ford family) who give of themselves daily to cure, relieve and comfort. 

Many of you will be working  Thanksgiving and the other coming holidays, away from those that you hold dear, to carry out the most human of all enterprises – the caring for others. 

When the glasses are raised at the Popovich family Thanksgiving dinner, know that you are all in our toast of gratitude. 

To a Happy and Grateful Thanksgiving.

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